Blossom Sugar Art Ltd is a brand of premium quality silicone moulds suitable for cake decorating and craft. The moulds have been designed by Louisa Russell and are original UK designs. The protection of intellectual property of Blossom Sugar Art Ltd is taken very seriously to prevent customers buying inferior quality copies. We will take action against all infringing products being sold. 


  • Why has my item been removed?

Copies of Blossom Sugar Art Ltd moulds infringes the design rights of Blossom Sugar Art Ltd. Your auction was reported to eBay and shut down because the merchandise and/or advertisement of that merchandise appear to infringe the intellectual property rights of Blossom Sugar Art Ltd.


  • Why are these items still available being sold by others?

Blossom Sugar Art Ltd makes extensive efforts to prevent eBay sales of infringing merchandise. Many items sold on ebay are original designs purchased directly from Blossom Sugar Art Ltd