The Star Alliance network is the leading global airline network, with the highest number of member airlines, daily flights, destinations and countries served. It was established in 1997 as the first truly global airline alliance, offering customers convenient worldwide reach and a smoother travel experience.

Trademarks such as the term “STAR ALLIANCE” or the Star Alliance logo, a symbol consisting of five raised triangular shapes in a circular formation, are worldwide registered trademarks of the Star Alliance member airlines. These trademarks may not be used in any way, except by the express written permission of Star Alliance Services GmbH or the Star Alliance member carriers. Our intellectual property also includes copyrights owned by Star Alliance Services GmbH.

Star Alliance Services GmbH works to ensure that all unauthorized uses of the intellectual property are removed from eBay. Therefore we are participating in the eBay Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program. When intellectual property rights are infringed by an auction listing, Star Alliance Services GmbH reviews the facts and takes appropriate action to terminate the offending auction.

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