Why Was My Auction Ended?

Within the guidelines of the VeRO Program, a legal rights holder can request the removal of eBay listings (active or ended) that infringe on their trademarks and copyrighted works.

VeRO Program 

 Easipet takes great pride in the manufacture of pet cages, beds and accessories.  Maintaining the integrity of the Easipet trademark and copyrights is a priority.  Easipet is a member of eBay's Verified Rights Owner Program. (VeRO).  EBay's Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program works to ensure that items listed on eBay do not infringe upon the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of third parties. This VeRO Participant page was created, as recommended by the VeRO Program, to provide you with information regarding our policies and procedures concerning our trademark and copyrights.  Auctions which infringe Easipet’s copyrights or trademark will be reported through eBay's VeRO Program.  All infringements will be reported regardless of the intent; auctions may be cancelled for infringements that are unintentional or otherwise.   We have elaborated in the following paragraphs the details of our policies related to trademark and copyright issues. If there are any further questions about Easipet’s trademark or copyright policies, feel free to email us through eBay's contact system.


Easipet  Trademark Information

Easipet is a trade name registered trademark and is registered in the United Kingdom Patent Office.  Easipet may not be used in reference to pet cages, beds, cat trees and scratching posts, dog and cat accessories, small animal hutches, runs and aviary wire.  In other words, this trade name and logo design represents Easipet’s product and may not be used by another to promote, sell, or describe their pet products. Easipet registrant is a member of eBay's Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program as stated above, and any and all infringing auctions will be reported through eBay's VeRO Program, and the infringing auction will be removed.


Easipet Auction Copyright and Trademark Information


All text and images in each of our listing descriptions are our original copy and photography, and therefore cannot be copied to your auction for a similar product. Images which contain our registered trademark and/or logo are considered part of the listing description and are protected by copyright and trademark law. Infringements will be turned in through eBay's VeRO Program.


All images, including background images and item images, are original images created by Easipet and are watermarked and copyrighted. They may not be taken for any reason.


All logo designs including compressed and transparent images are Easipet’s original work and are watermarked and copyrighted. They may not be taken for any reason.


Easipet Trademark reg. 2009

R. Davies

All rights reserved.