Paddington Bear


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Paddington Bear was created by the British author Michael Bond and was first appeared in ‘A Bear called Paddington’ which was published by William Collins and Sons in 1958. The rights in this famous creation are controlled throughout the world by Paddington and Company Limited which has appointed The Copyrights Group Limited as its worldwide merchandise licensing agent. Paddington Bear products are made under licence by a number of different manufacturers and are sold on-line and in retail stores.  Only by buying genuine, licensed Paddington merchandise can you be sure you are obtaining genuine quality products that meet relevant safety standards.  Licensed merchandise is always identified by a label or tag with the name of the licensee and a copyright notice reading © Paddington and Company Limited/Studio Canal which may be condensed to ©P & Co Ltd/SC on small items.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous sellers are auctioning and selling on eBay inferior Paddington products which infringe Paddington or Paddington Bear trademarks and/or copyrights.   Paddington and Company  Limited works diligently to protect its reputation for providing the genuine quality products and to protect consumers from duplicitous sellers who offer fake or unauthorised merchandise that is inferior to genuine Paddington merchandise.  Paddington and Company Limited works closely with law enforcement, customs and investigative agencies to protect its intellectual property rights.

eBay is committed to helping protect the intellectual property rights of rights owners and to providing their users with a safe and enjoyable place to trade. For this reason eBay has created the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Programme.  Paddington and Company Ltd, through its investigative agent, Surelock, which is a member of the VeRO Programme, is able to report and have listings removed that infringe its rights.  Additionally, should we require, we are able to request and obtain users’ personal seller information.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Why was my auction suspended/cancelled?

A: Paddington & Co. believes in good faith that the merchandise that you posted for auction or sale is counterfeit or otherwise infringes Paddington trademarks or copyrights. 


Q: What is the situation regarding the “Migration is not a crime” image which is attributed to Banksy?

A: A work, supposedly by Banksy, depicting Paddington Bear with the caption "Migration is not a crime", was painted on to a privately owned wall in Glastonbury, Somerset and that image has been reproduced on a multitude of products auctioned or sold on eBay.  The original wall mural was based on an image of Paddington Bear taken from a copyright work, namely the FilmFair TV series originally broadcast in the 1970s the merchandise rights in which belong to Paddington and Company Limited.  This series was regularly watched by 8 million viewers in the UK and is still available on Virgin Interactive for download and is also on air across the World, including on Nickelodeon in the USA and ABC Australia.  Banksy was not given permission by Paddington & Co Ltd to use Paddington or images from the FilmFair television series as a subject for his art.  Although Paddington and Company Ltd does not claim any right in artwork by Banksy it does assert ownership of and its rights to the underlying image of Paddington on which Banksy based his picture for ‘Migration is not a Crime’.  Most Banksy artwork is based on public domain images however that is not the case with this image and each time the Banksy “Migration is not a crime” image on an eBay webpage is accessed by a member of the public this amounts to copyright  infringement of the rights in Paddington Bear  under  Sections  16,  17 and 20 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 ("COPA") and applicable local laws.


Q: Why did eBay allow me to post my auction?

A: eBay does not authenticate merchandise before sale.  Therefore, unauthorised merchandise can easily be offered on its site.


Q: How can I tell if the item I was offered or purchased is genuine?

A: The only way you can be certain that you are purchasing a genuine Paddington product is to buy from a reputable retailer or ensure that the product offered for sale has a label or tag with the name of the licensee and a copyright notice reading © Paddington and Company Limited/Studio Canal which may be condensed to ©P & Co Ltd/SC on small items.


If you have a question please send it to together with the item number, which appears in the message sent to you from eBay.  However, if your e-mail requests information that is already contained on this page, you will not receive a response.