DOLBY LABORATORIES, INC.                                                                                                                                

                Dolby Laboratories Inc. (“Dolby”) is recognized worldwide for its leadership role in pioneering innovative digital technologies in audio compression, recording, playback and noise reduction.  Many audiovisual devices such as televisions, cable boxes, DVD/CD/Blu-Ray players and recorders, home-theater systems, video game consoles, and personal computers incorporate and utilize Dolby’s technologies protected by patents, copyrights, confidential know-how and trade secrets, and other intellectual property. 

                Some consumer electronics products, including DVD/Blu-Ray players and digital televisions designed to perform in the United States and Europe are mandated by international and US standards to use Dolby patented technologies.  In addition, Dolby owns patents which have been found essential to the practice of certain standardized technologies, including the Advanced Audio Coding (“AAC”) and High Efficiency AAC (“HE AAC”) standards (Dolby’s “Essential AAC Patents”).  Other products, such as Android-based smartphones and tablets, use Dolby’s Essential AAC Patents by default and mandated for Google certification.  Dolby, and its subsidiary, Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation (collectively “Dolby”), make these technologies available for use by other entities through license agreements. 

                The manufacture, distribution, or sale of any product that incorporates or utilizes any of Dolby’s proprietary technologies or bears any of Dolby’s trademarks without an appropriate license or authority constitutes an infringement of Dolby’s intellectual property.  In addition to being unlawful, these infringing activities further create an unfair competitive advantage against licensed manufacturers, dilute the value of the Dolby brand, and tarnish the goodwill and reputation which the public associates with the Dolby name.

                Most electronics brands use multiple manufacturers; and while all products containing Dolby technology or bearing Dolby trademarks are required to be properly licensed by Dolby, this is not always the case.  For the protection of consumers, distributors, and retailers, Dolby recommends that you verify and monitor the license status of manufacturers of your electronics products incorporating Dolby’s technologies and/or bearing Dolby’s trademarks, as license status may change over time (for example they may expire or terminate).  Dolby maintains an updated list of authorized licensees at  

                Additionally, Dolby’s IP Protection group has dedicated personnel to assist sellers in the prevention of procuring or reselling products which may be unlicensed.  Should you have any questions regarding Dolby’s IP Protection program, wish to report infringing products or have questions as to why your eBay auction site has been affected, please contact Dolby at  

                Dolby appreciates your cooperation in ensuring that your company is not advertising, distributing or selling products that violate any of Dolby’s intellectual property rights.