Games 4 Hens is a proud Ebay Verified Rights Owner. We also trade as Hannah’s Games

Thanks for taking the time to visit our page about our Intellectual Property.  We sell original games which we have designed and created in-house and hold the Copyright for all these works. 

By law we are protected from anyone:
·         copying our work
·         distributing copies of our work, whether free of charge or for sale
·         renting or lending copies of our work
·         performing, showing or playing our work in public
·         making an adaptation of our work
·         putting it on the internet
A representative from the UK Government’s Intellectual Property Office has advised us in creating robust portfolios of evidence for all our products demonstrating our ownership of these Rights.  Ebay have also granted us the status of Verified Rights Owner and we are proud to join other creative business on the VeRo programme on Ebay.     
We believe in the value of intellectual property and will rigorously defend our Rights.  Intellectual Property Theft is a crime and we many choose to report the matter to the police.  Any listings which infringe our copyright, whether intentionally or unintentionally, will be removed by Ebay at our request.  We also reserve the right to pursue the offender for damages. 
We reserve all rights to our Copyright, which is enforceable Worldwide.  We do have contractual licensing agreements with carefully selected businesses and individuals, if you wish to find out about licensing our Intellectual Property contact us directly. 

Games 4 Hens
October 2016