Kendama USA is a member of the eBay VeRO Program and worldwide owner of trademarks, service marks,
and copyrights.

Kendama USA is America’s longest running & most trusted Kendama source. We develop innovative
player first Kendamas. We are dedicated to creating and producing top quality Kendamas. Our
continuous commitment and excellence over the years has earned us a worldwide reputation as a
quality & international Kendama brand.

As such we aggressively protect our trademarks and other intellectual property. We have zero
tolerance for counterfeiters, infringers and those looking to unfairly benefit from our efforts.

We regularly review items for sale on eBay, and cancel a plethora of auctions on a daily basis. If
your auction was cancelled, the following information may help you understand why your auction has
been removed.

To ensure the quality of Kendama USA branded products, any items listed on eBay utilizing Kendama
USA trademarks, logos, text, photos and or any reference to Kendama USA that may mislead or
misrepresent Kendama USA copyrighted/trademark property or warrant provisions are a violation of
intellectual property rights and will be removed by eBay at the request of Kendama USA.

Examples of improper and illegal listings involving Kendama USA products include but are not
limited to:

•    Items illegally using copyrighted material or a trademark owned by Kendama USA.
•    Stating or implying that the product is covered under warranty.
•    Kendama USA does NOT provide any warranty to products not purchased directly from Kendama USA.
•    Counterfeit products.

The only way to ensure that your Kendama USA items are genuine is to purchase then from our eBay
store ( or online from (

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why has my auction been removed?

A: We are committed to the strict enforcement of our trademarks and other intellectual property
rights. We have requested the removal of your auction because the merchandise you were offering for
sale is counterfeit or otherwise infringes Kendama USA trademarks and/or other intellectual
property rights. Please note that the offer of genuine goods for sale in certain countries where
they are not authorized to be sold by the trademark owner also constitutes trademark infringement.

Q:  How did Kendama USA determine that my auction offered for sale goods that were
counterfeit or otherwise infringing?

A: Due to the nature of eBay, this determination was based upon the photographs (style,
fabrics, labelling & packaging), title of the auction and the description of the goods that you

Q: Why was my auction removed while many other auctions offering “Kendama USA” items for sale
remain up & why are you picking on me?

A:  Kendama USA cancels hundreds of eBay auctions worldwide on a daily basis and your auction was
merely one of many cancelled during a routine search. However, due to the volume of items offered
and eBay’s due diligence, it is impossible to cancel every infringing Kendama USA auction at the
same time.

Q: Why was I not informed directly by Kendama USA before I was reported to eBay?

A:  Due to the nature of eBay and volume of auctions it is impractical for Kendama USA to contact
each seller regarding their auction.  Kendama USA uses the VeRO program as the most efficient
method of reaching its primary objective on eBay which is to decrease the volume of
infringing merchandise offered.