Carl McCoy is the registered trademark holder of the brand name “Fields of the Nephilim” in respect of the following:

  • Clothing, footwear and headgear.
  • Printed matter; books, printed matter and periodical publications; photograph albums; photograph stands; catalogues, document files; boxes of paper or cardboard for documents; stationery, diaries and calendars; brochures; periodical publications; paper, cardboard, paper articles, cardboard articles not included in other categories, bookbinding articles and materials, stationery, household and stationery adhesives and adhesive tapes, wrapping and packing materials not included in other categories, artists' materials; address and note pads, albums, water-colours, atlases, paper and plastic bags, paper bibs, blotting paper, book ends, bookmarks, boxes for writing instruments and writing instrument holders, writing materials and instruments, leaflets or folders, globes of the earth, greetings cards, personal organisers and pages for the same, book jackets, paper beer mats, modelling materials, photograph mountings, notebooks, postcards, packing ribbons and tapes, paper table linen, toilet paper, paper hand towels; tracing paper and tracing canvas, stencils and stencil cases, sealing wax; office requirements (with the exception of furniture), printing characters and plates; rubber bands for stationery and packages; paper containers.
  • Compact discs and DVDs; digital music (including downloadable from the Internet); recording discs; audio and video recordings; transmission and reproduction of sound and images; software for the recording, transmission and reproduction of music, videos, screensavers, wallpapers, ringtones, MP3s, games, photographs, chat boxes and discussion groups; apparatus, instruments and software programs for producing audio or visual recordings; apparatus, instruments and software programs for transmission and reproduction of sound and images; computer software for computer games; video accessories; cinematic and photographic apparatus and instruments; computer games; video games; electronic publications; downloadable electronic publications; electronic games;


Carl McCoy strictly regulates the design, manufacture, advertising, distribution and sale of its products. We do not allow Piracy or Copying (in any form) of our designs by any third party & our products are only available from our official online store or one of our authorised sellers.