“TÜV” is an internationally protected brand

TÜV Markenverbund e.V. is an association founded to exercise on behalf of the TÜV Companies the rights of their trademarks containing the sign “TÜV”. He is also co-owner of the trademark “TÜV”. In this function TÜV Markenverbund e.V. is member of the VeRO Programm.

The TÜV Companies are world famous independent testing and verification service provider. Independent testing and verification companies are not involved in the manufacture of the item to be assessed.

Products whose conformity is tested by an independent TÜV company stand for safety and usability. The independent conformity assessment helps the consumer to choose safe products. For the producer the TÜV test mark is a remarkable marketing asset.

The TÜV test mark indicates that a product has been successfully tested because TÜV test marks can only be fixed to products being successfully tested and having a correspondent license for the used test mark.

Whether a product is successfully tested and licensed, results from the certificate. The certificate contains the producer, the precise indication of the product and the test mark. These specifications must match with the product being offered. It is not allowed to transfer the license to a product of another producer or another product or model. Furthermore it is only allowed to use exact the licensed TÜV test mark. The claim “TÜV tested” is consequently insufficient.

To sign or to offer products with a TÜV test mark without TÜV testing and license is product piracy. TÜV Markenverbund e.V. prosecutes such trademark infringements not only within the VeRO Program by take down but also by warning letter and if necessary by criminal complaint.

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