Registered trademark and quality assurance

Welcome to the “About Me Page” of the worldwide manufacturer of roof windows and accessories, VELUX A/S. VELUX A/S is owned by VKR Holding A/S, who also owns the well-known registered trademark VELUX. VELUX® is one of the strongest brands in the global building materials sector and is used for a wide range of products and services. On eBay, we mostly encounter the trademark used in connection to the listing of windows, sun tunnels, blinds and shutters, and solar energy systems. With ISO 9001 certified factories, and extensive resources put into testing, quality control and market testing to ensure that our products meet all quality requirements, we encourage our customers to expect the very best of quality when buying a VELUX product. In specific areas, such as water tightness, we have even introduced our own standards, which are stricter than international standards. Thus, with quality as one of our major priorities, it is very important for us to enforce our trademarks and copyrights. We want to make sure that our costumers are not deceived by the advertisement and sale of unlicensed, infringing and counterfeit products, into buying what they believe to be an authentic VELUX product if it is not. This is one reason why we are a member of the eBay VeRO program.


Another reason is our legal responsibility to protect our trademarks and copyrighted materials. We want to make sure that these are not misappropriated to sell VELUX products if such sale is not authorised or approved by us. Noticing that it is legal to resell authentic VELUX products in their original and unaltered form, it is not legal to resell these by using our trademark or copyrighted material such as i.e. using photographs from our catalogues or websites; or using our trademarks to suggest an affiliation or authorization by us. If we find our trademarks or copyrighted materials to be infringed or misappropriated by a listing we will seek to have it removed from eBay.





List of things to make sure when creating a listing

  • Always add the ® mark after the first mentioning of the VELUX trademark e.g. the headline, and always write VELUX in capital letters.  
  • Where all your items listed are authentic VELUX products in their original, unaltered form, you should:
    • Never use our copyrighted materials but take your own pictures instead.
    • Never use our trademarks in a way to suggest an affiliation or authorization by us.
  • Where not all, if any, of your items are authentic VELUX products in their original, unaltered form, you should:
    • Never use our copyrighted materials.
    • Never use our logo, not even to rebut an item as being a VELUX product or to compare your listed item with a VELUX product. (You may not use an altered version of our logo.)
    • Never use a phase like “blinds for VELUX".

This is due to the fact that VELUX is not a generic term and does not mean anything standing alone. VELUX is a brand of e.g. roof windows, blinds, solar panels etc. and not a descriptive term for roof windows, thus the correct thing to write would be "blinds for VELUX® roof windows".


    • Make it clear whether your blinds are original VELUX blinds or not. In the event your blinds are not genuine VELUX blinds there should be a declaration stating that you are not affiliated with VKR Holding or the VELUX Group e.g.: "(your name) is not a part of VKR’s authorized VELUX® distribution network and the blinds provide for fitment to VELUX® roof windows are not supplied, approved or endorsed by VKR or a VELUX company."


Compliant listings and contact information

We do hope that this “About Me Page” can be of assistance to you in creating your listing, as ignorance does not absolve your liability under most countries’ intellectual property laws, and you do have a responsibility to ensure that your listings are not infringing or violating the intellectual property rights of others.


If your listing has been removed, please note that you can contact us and/or create a new compliant listing.


If you have other questions regarding a listing of a VELUX product, please contact us at:


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