There are many counterfeit Bose® products offered for sale in the marketplace at the current time.

          Bose Corporation (“Bose”) develops, manufactures and sells Bose® audio products throughout the world.  Bose is a member of the eBay VeRO Program and owns trademarks, service marks and copyrighted materials worldwide.  Bose invests significant financial resources to develop and protect its intellectual property.  We have developed this page to help educate eBay users about auctions that infringe upon the intellectual property rights of Bose.

Trademark Infringement         

            Bose trademarks and service marks are protected under U.S. and international trademark laws. Bose is the exclusive owner of numerous valuable trademark rights that are used in association with a wide variety of products that Bose sells throughout the world. Consumers recognize the value and quality of our products based on the mark associated with the product.  We have recently seen a large number of counterfeit Bose headphone products for sale on eBay and other ecommerce sites.  These products infringe Bose’s trademarks, and selling these products can result in liability for damages and serious criminal penalties (up to 10 years in prison and/or up to $2 million in fines in the United States), not to mention termination of eBay selling privileges.  eBay members who sell counterfeit merchandise on eBay are violating eBay’s Community Values and buyer trust when they sell fake merchandise to other members.

Copyright Infringement

            The textual, photographic, video and other multimedia products published and produced by Bose or its licensees on or elsewhere are protected under U.S. and international copyright laws. Anyone who, without Bose authorization, produces, copies, distributes, or displays Bose copyrighted materials is liable for copyright infringement.

False Warranty

            The limited warranty on Bose’s products is transferable to other purchasers, but is only valid with proof of purchase from Bose or an authorized dealer.   If eBay sellers do not provide proof of purchase from an authorized dealer, they cannot claim to offer a Bose manufacturer's warranty.

More Information

            Further information regarding eBay intellectual property guidelines and federal laws covering the use of copyrighted images may be found on eBay at and at


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why was my auction terminated?

A: Most likely, your auction was removed from the eBay website by Bose for one of the following reasons:

1)  Offer for sale of counterfeit Bose® products

2)  Unauthorized use of Bose copyrighted images

3) Unauthorized use of Bose copyrighted text

4) Shipment policies in violation of Bose international trade agreements

5) Misrepresentations about the Bose warranty

Bose regularly monitors the Internet, including auction sites, in order to protect its rights. As part of that effort, Bose will notify eBay of auction listings containing unauthorized use of Bose intellectual property and eBay will take the necessary action to comply with its user policies, which include removing the auction from the website.  If you offered international shipping in your listing, your listing may have been cancelled because certain Bose products are designed for use only in certain countries (e.g., products that are plugged into electrical outlets), and shipping them outside of those countries is a violation of trademark law.

Q: Why was my auction singled out when there are other infringing auctions of Bose merchandise on eBay?

A: Bose is working diligently to ensure that all unauthorized uses of its intellectual property are removed from the eBay website. While it is our intent to remove all counterfeit and unauthorized product from eBay, listings are added at a rate and volume which can be difficult to monitor.

Q: I found all the Bose images featured in my auction listing on Can't I use these pictures to sell Bose products on eBay?

A: No. Any unauthorized copying of Bose images is against the law.

            For specific questions regarding Bose policies that are not answered above or within eBay Community Standards, or if you find an auction item that you suspect is counterfeit or unauthorized, please contact us at .


Q:  How does one tell the difference between counterfeit and genuine product?


A:  The counterfeit headphones that we have discovered are poorer quality and do not perform as well as genuine Bose headphones.  Visually, however, it is extremely difficult to tell genuine product apart from counterfeit.  Bose’s intellectual property enforcement team has found distinctions between counterfeit and genuine product, but we are unable to publicly disclose this information as it would make it easier for counterfeiters to avoid detection.  There are a number of sites on the Internet that claim to show distinctions between genuine and counterfeit product.  Much of the information on these sites is incorrect, and many of the sites are hosted by sellers of counterfeit goods.  The only way to be certain that a product is genuine is to buy from Bose or one of its authorized dealers.

Q: How can I tell if the item I offered or purchased is real?


A:  The only way you can be certain that you are buying genuine Bose products is to buy from Bose ( ) or from one of its authorized dealers.  Authorized dealers who sell on eBay typically display the Bose Authorized Dealer badge shown below.  You may also call Bose Customer Service (1-800-444-2673) to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic Bose product from an authorized Bose reseller.









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