Bumbleride Inc



Bumbleride Inc, based in San Diego CA, designs, manufactures and markets high-end baby strollers and accessories. Our products have been tested and are in compliance with the ASTM Safety Standard F833.


In an effort to protect the intellectual property rights of Bumbleride Inc, the company has create a VeRO participant page. This web-page is meant to help eBay sellers and purchasers understand the requirements of selling Bumbleride products on eBay.


Bumbleride recognizes the rights of Individual Sellers to resell used Bumbleride products on eBay, and to use the name Bumbleride to the limited extent necessary to adequately describe the item being listed. However it is a violation of Bumbleride’s intellectual property rights, to use Bumbleride trademarks or logos in a manner that goes beyond that.


It is a violation of Bumbleride’s intellectual property rights to use photographs, descriptions or other images or statements taken from Bumbleride websites, catalogues or other materials.

This policy is based on creating fundamental fairness for those Bumbleride partners that spend significant resources to adequately market, stock and display Bumbleride products.


Bumbleride thanks you for taking the time to read this web-page and to learn about the rights of Bumbleride, Inc. We thank you in advance for respecting our intellectual property rights.


Should you have any additional questions, you may contact us at info@bumbleride.com