Questions & Answers for eBay Auction Use


Q: Why has my auction been removed?

CSA Group (Canadian Standards Association) is committed to a strict zero tolerance policy in the enforcement of its trademarks and all intellectual property rights. CSA Group’s Legal & Brand Protection team has requested eBay to remove your auction because CSA Group firmly believes that the product(s) being offered for sale is/are counterfeit or otherwise infringes CSA Group’s registered trademarks and/or other intellectual property rights. Please note that the offer of uncertified goods bearing the CSA trademark constitutes trade mark infringement.


Q: How did CSA determine that my auction offered for sale goods that were counterfeit or otherwise infringing?

Due to the nature of eBay, this determination was based upon the photographs (style, labeling and packaging), title of the auction and description of the goods that you provided. It is also possible that the results of a test purchase confirmed that the goods for sale infringed upon CSA Group’s intellectual property rights.


Q: Why was I allowed to post my auction if it is illegal?

Due to sheer volume eBay cannot conduct a comprehensive pre-screening process to account for such violations. Therefore, the ability to post such auctions of infringing products does not mean that the sale of such products is legal.


Q: Why was my auction removed while many other auctions offering “CSA” items for sale remain active? Why are you picking on me?

CSA Group cancels numerous eBay auctions worldwide and your auction was merely one of many canceled during a routine search and investigation. CSA Group makes every effort to cancel every auction that infringes CSA’s intellectual property.


Q: I believe that the item CSA Group reported is an authentic CSA certified product. How can I get my auction reinstated?

If you believe that your auction was incorrectly reported to eBay, please send an email to:


with the following:

-          Your Seller ID & Auction Number;

-          The exact title and description used in your auction;

-          Clear pictures of the item(s) that were posted in the auction including all labeling and packaging.

If your item was incorrectly reported CSA Group’s Legal & Brand Protection team will inform eBay so you can reinstate your auction.


Q: Why was I not informed directly by CSA Group before I was reported to eBay?

Due to the nature of eBay and the volume of auctions it is impractical for CSA to contact each seller regarding their auction. CSA uses the VeRO program as the most efficient method of reaching its primary objective on eBay, which is to decrease the number of infringing products being offered for sale.


Q: I believe that the item I am offering for sale is an authentic CSA certified product, how can I tell?

CSA Group does not disclose the specifications of all genuine CSA Group products so as to prevent this information from reaching manufacturers of counterfeit merchandise.  All authentic CSA Group certified products are made using superior materials, quality and workmanship. The ONLY way to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic CSA Group certified product is to purchase it directly from a retailer, where you can visibly gauge the authenticity of the certification mark, or by verifying the product in CSA Group’s Certified Product Listing Database  - crush.counterfeiting@csagroup.org.


Q: Why is CSA concerned with my sale of a single piece of unauthorized CSA Group product?

CSA Group has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the misuse or counterfeiting of all CSA Group intellectual property. CSA does not grant exceptions because the infringement concerns only one or two items.


Q: What if I was unaware that the product I was selling was not an authentic CSA Group certified product?

The law maintains that the onus is on the seller to ensure that your activities do not violate the intellectual property rights of others. Ignorance of the law or innocent intent is not a defence to trademark violations.


Q: If I promise not to sell counterfeit/infringing CSA certified products again, will you have eBay reinstate my account?

CSA has no control or influence over eBay’s policies and cannot assist eBay users who have had their user accounts suspended or cancelled. The reinstatement of accounts is entirely at eBay’s discretion.

You should contact eBay directly should you have any queries relating to eBay’s VERO policy.