About Carmix-GPS

Carmix-GPS is a company producing navigation maps on CD\DVD\memory card . The company has been in the navigation software industry for over 5 years, in this time we have produced many products of which we are the legal intellectual rights owners.

We do not allow Piracy or Copying (in any form) of our media by any third party & or one of
As a member of the ebay Vero programme, we will request ebay to remove any listing which violates copyright and our intellectual rights. (see below)


Help in identifying authentic Carmix-GPS products is provided by contacting us at: info.carmix.gps@gmail.com



As a company we enforce our intellectual rights on all our products, after all piracy effects us all and threatens our livelihood and the production of new

products for our honest and law abiding customers.

We view Piracy of our work as a crime and any breach of copyright by an ebay member or third party will be reported to ebay immediately.

Reselling Carmix-GPS Products on eBay
If you are a seller whose listing has been removed, your listing has most likely been terminated by eBay because of action taken by Carmix-GPS. Common reasons why your listing may have been terminated include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Trademark Infringement - the item offered for sale may be an unauthentic product which infringes Carmix-GPS's intellectual property rights or the content of the listing contains unauthorized use of Carmix-GPS's protected trademarks.
2. Copyright Infringement - the listing may contain Carmix-GPS’s copyrighted text, images, or other materials or the item offered for sale may be hardware and/or software that comprises pirated content, was offered for sale in violation of an enforceable license agreement, or unauthorized use of Carmix-GPS's copyrighted text, images, or other materials

Reporting Suspected Counterfeit Products
To voluntarily report suspected counterfeit products, please email details and contact information to copyright.carmix.gps@gmail.com.

We thank you for your help in keeping ebay a safe and trusted community.