Digium, Inc. VeRO Participant Profile Page

Our mission

  • Protect our customers from misleading product listings and sub-standard products falsely advertised as Digium products.
  • Protect our brand, customer goodwill, and reputation.
  • Ensure that customers understand the source and origin of advertised product including distinguishing products manufactured by Digium from products which are not manufactured by Digium.

Why has my Asterisk compatible hardware listing(s) been cancelled, removed, or taken down?

It is important that sellers of equipment which is not manufactured by Digium do not confuse and attract customers to a listing or auction by using Digium trademarks unfairly in their listing title, descriptions, or on the equipment itself.  Misleading listings may be reported by Digium and eBay may remove the listing.

To avoid removal, sellers should clearly identify the brand of hardware they are selling.

 Digium monitors auctions and listings with four primary considerations:

  • Does the auction or listing use Digium copyrighted material without permission?
  • Does the auction or listing use Digium trademarks in an unfair, confusing or misleading manner?
  • Does the auction or listing misidentify the brand of non-Digium hardware as Digium hardware?
  • Is the hardware not manufactured by Digium but branded with a Digium trademark such as the Digium logo, Digium word mark, Asterisk Speech Bubble, or the word Asterisk?

 To prevent your listing or auction from being affected, you will need to comply with all of the following rules:

1. Do not use Digium trademarks in a misleading manner.

2. The trademark “Asterisk” may only be used as is necessary to establish compatibility.

3.  If your hardware is compatible with Asterisk, you may state your hardware is compatible or interoperable with Asterisk in the product description but do not mark the hardware itself with the Digium logo, Asterisk Speech Bubble, Digium word mark, or word Asterisk as this may confuse customers as to the origin of the hardware.

4. Never reproduce the Digium logo, Asterisk Speech Bubble, or include the Digium word mark in a listing for products not manufactured by Digium.

Digium does not object to lawful nominative use of its trademarks to express compatibility or other product characteristics as long as the condition and source of your product are made clear.

For more detailed explanation of permissible and impermissible usages of Digium trademarks please follow the link below to Digium’s trademark policy.


If you have further questions, please contact us at: trademarks@digium.com.

Please provide your eBay auction or listing number in the subject line of the e-mail.


I’m an Authorized Digium Channel Partner and have questions, who can I talk to?

Please contact your inside Channel Account Manager (ICAM) or Channel Account Manager (CAM).


I’m a customer, what do I need to know?

Digium does not sell or resell hardware on eBay.  Accordingly, any claim that a seller is Digium or is acting for Digium is false.

If you do purchase genuine Digium hardware from eBay resold by parties not affiliated with Digium be aware that this may create support and warranty issues as support will be tied to the original purchaser of the hardware and the warranty period will have begun from the date Digium shipped the hardware.

Always be sure to buy either directly from Digium or from a Digium authorized channel partner to ensure you are getting the quality and reliability you have come to expect from Digium products. You can find a Digium authorized channel partner by visiting the following link https://my.digium.com/en/ecosystem/resellers/find-a-reseller/ .