Truck Emblem Warehouse designs and sells many custom emblems, with the consent to do so. The intellectual property of Truck Emblem Warehouse may not be used without their express written permission. Truck Emblem Warehouse protects its intellectual property rights and will take action against all infringers that it uncovers.


1. Why was my auction shut down?

The unauthorized or unlicensed production and/or sale of infringing merchandise using Truck Emblem Warehouse’s custom emblems, or emblems confusingly similar thereto, is illegal. Any product that uses Truck Emblem Warehouse’s custom emblems without authorization is considered infringing.

Your auction was reported to eBay and shut down because the merchandise and/or advertisement of that merchandise appear to violate the intellectual property rights of Truck Emblem Warehouse.

2. What does that mean for my auction items?

All products made with Truck Emblem Warehouse’s custom designs or those that resemble Truck Emblem Warehouse’s custom designs must be approved by Truck Emblem Warehouse.

3. Why are others allowed to sell these items?

Truck Emblem Warehouse makes extensive efforts to police eBay auctions for any and all potentially infringing merchandise. However, some sellers may unintentionally be overlooked or are purchasing directly from Truck Emblem Warehouse. Please contact us at with Ebay Item#'s, we check every item# sent to us. Thank You.

4. Where can I get Duramax EFI Live, Dodge SRT-6 EFI Live, Duramax Suncoast, or Custom Powerstroke Emblems?

Those products are exclusively available through Truck Emblem Warehouse

5. What if I am only selling one infringing product as part of a group of products?

Whether the infringing product is being sold as a single item or as a component of a group of products, it is still infringing. If a single auction includes both infringing and non-infringing products, the auction will be shut down in order to put a stop to the sale of the infringing product. If the infringing product is removed, then the remainder of the group may be re-listed.

6. What is your contact information?

Please email Truck Emblem Warehouse at with any questions.