Environ Skin Care sells only to Skincare and Medical Professionals.  Environ Skin Care does not guarantee product authenticity or condition, nor accept any responsibility for products purchased from sellers on eBay, as any Environ products offered for sale on eBay are not offered by authorised sellers and Environ has no means of controlling or guaranteeing the conditions in which the product(s) are stored, which could affect the condition of the product(s).  Environ Skin Care strongly recommends only purchasing products through certified Skincare or Medical Professionals after a personal consultation, at authorised locations.  Environ products offered for sale through eBay are not supported by Environs’ product support and guarantee.

Should you need assistance in locating an authorised Skincare or Medical Professional near you, please visit our website at

Intellectual Property Rights

Environ Skin Care has built up a reputation as a manufacturer of premium skin care products.  Our intellectual property, including our trade names, trademarks, copyrighted material and logos are valuable assets to our business.  Unauthorised use of this intellectual property has great impact on our reputation and our brand image and may constitute a violation of our intellectual property rights.  Environ reserves all legal and equitable rights to seek reimbursement for, and to prevent further violations of, our intellectual property rights, as authorized by the applicable laws in the various countries in which its Intellectual Property rights are protected.

Intellectual property laws require that the marketplace be policed for unauthorised, infringing or counterfeit merchandise, not only to protect Environ Skin Care’s name and reputation, but also to protect consumers from purchasing products that might be unsuitable for their skin.

Environ Skin Care is a member of the eBay VeRo program and strictly enforces proper use of its’ intellectual property.  If images, logos or text are used directly from our website, literature or any other copyrighted materials, we will consider this an infringement.  If an auction gives the slightest implication or appearance that the seller represents Environ Skin Care, or that the seller is authorised or licensed to sell Environ Skin Care’s products, this will also be treated as an infringement of our intellectual property rights and we will seek to enforce our rights to the fullest extent permitted by the laws of the applicable country.