The ERGO Baby Carrier, Inc. (hereinafter Ergobaby or the Company) provides this page to assist users in identifying auctions of or illegal or counterfeit ERGObaby merchandise. If you find an auction item that you suspect is illegal or counterfeit, please contact Ergobaby’s Brand Protection team at

Ergobaby is a premier designer, marketer, distributor and seller of high-quality juvenile products, including baby carriers and related accessories. Our baby carriers and accessories are recognized internationally as among the best on the market, and have been tested and certified according to international and national standards for safety including CPSIA (US), JPMA (US), TÜV (international) and SGS-CSTC (international). Additionally, the Ergobaby Carrier has been continually recognized as one of the best baby products by several organizations and publications including Parenting Magazine, The Gear Awards and the National Parenting Publications Awards. Most importantly, the Ergobaby Carrier has been tested and approved by thousands of satisfied mothers and fathers over the years. For more information please visit our website gives customers an exciting web-based forum to buy and sell secondary market products. For those unfamiliar with the term secondary market, this refers to carriers or other Ergobaby products that are no longer in the current product line or are pre-owned and, possibly, used. If you are a consumer reselling a product that has been purchased from a retail store or online, you may not claim that the product is new when listing it for sale. If you are interested in purchasing new Ergobaby products, contact your local Ergobaby authorized dealer. To find one in your area, you can access Ergobaby's on-line Retail Store Locator and Web Shop Locator from the official web site

Important Notice: Ergobaby is aware of the existence of several different counterfeit versions of Ergobaby products. These products occasionally appear in eBay auctions and sales, and can be difficult to distinguish from authentic Ergobaby products. These products are made from inferior, low quality materials and components, and could be hazardous and life-threatening to one’s child or to the one carrying the child.

Sellers: Unless you are specifically authorized by the Company, Ergobaby intellectual property, including its trademark, trade dress, images or text may not be used to sell pre-owned, used or discontinued Ergobaby products. If an item was not manufactured on behalf of Ergobaby, or originally sold by Ergobaby, then you may not promote the item using Ergobaby's intellectual property. For example, one may not use "ergobaby" or "ergo baby" in the title of an auction for goods of this kind, even in the form of “to the ergo”, “to the ergo baby carrier”, “like the ergo”, “like the ergo baby carrier”, “ergo style” or “the ergo baby carrier style” or any such variation including the words “ergo”, "ergo baby", or "ergobaby".  This also would be in violation of Key Word Spamming Policy., in conjunction with Ergobaby, will suspend any auction or sale that: a) uses Ergobaby's intellectual property, b) is infringing on Ergobaby's patent (i.e a knock-off), or c) is a counterfeit Ergobaby product. Ergobaby vigilantly monitors (including all international sites), and will immediately report any violation to, and request suspension of the auction or sale. Thank you for your support of Ergobaby.