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Our mission

  • Protect our customers from misleading product listings and sub-standard products advertised as Original (OEM) HP Ink or Toner
  • Continually improve the Online shopping experience for customers looking to research and buy Original (OEM) HP Ink or Toner
  • Diligently protect our brand, consumer goodwill, and reputation
  • Ensure that customers understand the source and origin of advertised product including distinguishing OEM cartridges from non-OEM cartridges
  • Align to industry definitions and terminology


Why my compatible HP (non-OEM) ink or toner cartridge listing(s) get cancelled, removed, or taken down?

It is important that resellers of non-OEM HP (remanufactured, refilled,  non-OEM new build) printing cartridges do not confuse and attract customers to a listing or auction by using HP trademarks unfairly in their listing title and descriptions.  Misleading listings may be reported by HP and eBay may remove the listing or suspend the seller’s account. 

To avoid removal or suspension, resellers should clearly identify the brand and condition of cartridges they are selling.  Examples of the primary non-OEM cartridge classes or conditions include:

  • Non-OEM New Build: A new cartridge with a shell, internal components and marking substance that is produced by a company NOT affiliated with the printer hardware manufacturer of the printer in which the cartridge is intended to be used.
  • Remanufactured: A cartridge that has been previously used, the marketing substance consumed, and then is subsequently collected, inspected, cleaned, has new or reconditioned parts installed, and is refilled with a marking substance and tested so that its capability to print has been restored.
  • Refilled: A cartridge that has been previously used, the marking substance consumed, and which has been refilled with non-OEM marking substance.  Some components may be replaced, but the principal service is replacing the marking substance in a cartridge supplied by the customer. 


HP monitors auctions and listings with four primary considerations:

  • Does the auction or listing use HP copyrighted material without permission?
  • Does the auction or listing use HP trademarks in an unfair, confusing or misleading manner?
  • Are refilled cartridges promoted using HP trademarks appropriately labelled as “remanufactured” or “refilled” cartridges?
  • Does the auction misidentify the brand of a non-OEM cartridge as HP? 


To prevent your listing or auction from being affected, you will need to comply with all of the following rules:

1. Do not use HP trademarks in a misleading manner.

2. The word “HP” may only be used as is necessary to establish compatibility.

3. Never reproduce the HP logo or HP catalogue images in a listing for non-OEM products.


Acceptable listings:

  • XXX Brand Non-OEM New Build Toner Cartridge alternative for HP 12A
  • XXX Brand Cartridge Remanufactured Ink Cartridge for use in HP Photosmart 5520


HP does not object to lawful nominative use of its trademarks to express compatibility or other product characteristics as long as the condition and source of your product are made clear. 

For more detailed explanation of Print Cartridge Classes, Definitions, and Use Guidelines please follow the link below to BSA Guideline 10-14



If you have further questions, please contact us at: infringements.hp@netnames.com

Please cite your eBay auction or listing number in the subject line of the e-mail


HP US Qualified Supplies Program

I’m an Authorized HP Reseller and have questions, who can I talk to?

Please contact your HP US Supplies Sales Rep, if you have one assigned to you.


I’m a consumer, what do I need to know?

As HP, we've made it a priority to protect our customers. 

HP does not sell new, remanufactured or refilled printer cartridges on eBay.  Accordingly, any claim that a seller is HP or is acting for HP is false.

HP does not offer printer cartridge remanufacturing or refilling services to others.  Accordingly, any claim that an HP cartridge is “manufacturer refurbished” is false. 

In the US HP has introduced Qualified Supplies (HP Ink & Toner) Resellers in the United States. Always be sure to buy from a HP Qualified Supplies Reseller to ensure you are getting the quality and reliability you have come to expect from Original HP Ink or Toner cartridges.

Look for one of the HP Qualified Supplies Partner badges on Reseller websites:


HP US Qualified Supplies Partner


HP Preferred Supplies Partner