Innovative Textiles, Inc.

As one of the leading producers of some of the world’s finest fishing rods, PowerPro continues to invest significant financial resources to progress and protect its intellectual property. The PowerPro Trademark has been used for Conventional and Fly Fishing Rods, clothing, and equipment. In an effort to provide eBay users with information about auctions that infringe upon the intellectual property rights of PowerPro, we are supplying this communication.

Trademark Infringement


PowerPro is an eBay VeRO Program member (Verified Rights Owner)


PowerPro conducts daily reviews of items for sale on eBay.


PowerPro sells to only authorized dealers.


PowerPro reports the listing(s) of any auctions it considers an infringement.


Items reported by PowerPro as unauthorized uses of its intellectual property are removed from eBay.

Due to the high volume of merchandise listed on eBay, challenges exist in identifying and removing every unauthorized item. The fact that some sellers may succeed in merchandising products that infringe PowerPro’ intellectual property rights does not permit you to do so.

Copyright Infringement

Using any kind of display or image of copyrighted materials from PowerPro requires the express written permission from PowerPro. Without the express written permission from PowerPro, the listing will be removed.  The following cannot be used in any form and will result in removal of your listing:


Photographs or images or audiovisuals from any of our websites, brochures, catalogs, advertisements, or other company related materials


Text from any of our websites, brochures, catalogs, advertisements, or other company related materials.


Misuse of a PowerPro registered trademark or logo

You are permitted to use your own digitally produced image of a PowerPro product for your selling.

False Warranty

In order to claim to offer a PowerPro manufacturer’s warranty, the eBay seller is required to provide proof of purchase from an authorized dealer that included the manufacturer’s warranty. This often means that you must be the original retail purchaser from an authorized PowerPro dealer.


Further Information

Fake and unauthorized PowerPro products are being illegally imported and sold on the Internet. These counterfeit PowerPro products are challenging to recognize because they bear many of the labeling, makes, packaging, and trade dress of the authentic PowerPro products.

We are providing this warning to consumers in an effort to preserve the authenticity of the valuable trademark and brand of PowerPro.

Should you have information on the sale of counterfeit PowerPro products, we welcome your communication and will keep the identity of our informants confidential.

PowerPro contact information is as follows: 1 Holland, Irvine, CA 92618 OR 877-577-0600

Or you may email us by visiting the following link: