Since 1928, Kason Industries has been a leader in developing and manufacturing refrigeration hardware and food services equipment.

From the rim of the Grand Canyon, beyond Trafalgar Square, to the Australian Outback, Kason hardware is an essential part of refrigeration, foodservice, step van and industrial equipment.

Five North America branches and distributors around the globe provide Kason hardware products and accessories at value pricing, worldwide.

Kason's four generations of expertise in producing fabricated metal parts means that customers can be assured of top notch hardware, produced efficiently and delivered on time.

Every Kason product is specified in-house and engineered to meet our stringent standards.  Our experienced factory staff operate a full line of automated and robotic machinery, ensuring consistent product quality.  In fact, quality control is built into the manufacturing process.  QC inspectors are assigned to every department and operators are trained to spot production inconsistencies.

Ready to order? Knowledgeable, friendly sales and customer service staff are ready to assist. You can be assured that your order will be handled efficiently and accurately by thoroughly trained representatives using the Kason computerized ordering system.  Your order is tracked from intake through production until it reaches your receiving dock.

You may know Kason for our SafeGuard® latches, cam-rise hinges and Panelock panel fasteners for commercial coolers and freezers. Get to know our extensive lines of foodservice hardware and supplies, including equipment legs and casters, cafeteria and cabinet hardware, fabrication supplies and a wide range of commercial plumbing fixtures.

Discover industrial applications for many of our traditional walk-in and reach-in products.

Select Kason as a primary resource to satisfy your hardware needs for refrigeration, foodservice equipment, delivery van bodies and industrial enclosures.

We are committed to your satisfaction.


Legal Notices

Kason Industries, Inc. zealously protects its intellectual property rights and will take all necessary steps to enforce its patent and trademark rights against third parties.

Kason® is a registered trademark owned by Kason Industries, Inc.   Use of the Kason® mark without the express written consent of Kason Industries, Inc. constitutes trademark infringement.   Also, use of the Kason® mark in connection with a product that is not produced or distributed by Kason Industries, Inc. constitutes false advertising and a violation of federal trademark law.

Many products of Kason Industries, Inc. are patented.   Copying of Kason® products, in whole or in part, may constitute patent infringement.   When infringement of Kason® products is found to be willfully committed, courts may require the infringer to pay Kason Industries, Inc. not only its actual damages, but also treble damages, reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs.

Should you have any questions, or wish to report a suspected infringement, please contact us using the information below.

Michael J. Powell, Attorney for Kason Industries, Inc.
Powell IP Law, LLC
980 Hammond Drive, Suite 800
Atlanta, Georgia 30328
678.514.1573 – direct
678.770.5492 – cell

For more information regarding Kason Industries, Inc., see www.kasonind.com.