KF Beauty the exclusive, worldwide owner and licensor for of the Wunder2® and WunderBrow® brands (collectively, the “Brands”). The Brands are protected by U.S and international trademark laws and are used to identify, advertise, and promote KF Beauty’s products and activities globally.

KF Beauty strictly enforces its intellectual property rights in a worldwide basis and has a zero tolerance policy for those who sell knock off or counterfeit KF Beauty products because they are manufactured in a non-FDA complaint environment, are of inferior quality and can cause serious injury or illness. Sellers of counterfeit KF Beauty products, take note: KF Beauty has, and will continue to take criminal and civil actions against persons selling counterfeit KF Beauty products.
For more information on our brand, please visit www.wunder2.com and www.wunder2.co.uk


Below are common questions about eBay and counterfeit KF Beauty products.  Should you have any additional questions or would like to report the sale of KF Beauty counterfeits on eBay or at another location, please contact us at brand.protection@kfbeauty.com or give us a call at US- +1(786) 375 6276.  UK +44(0)203 457 542



Why was my listing removed or my account suspended?

Your listing was removed by eBay, because it is believed that you were either selling counterfeit products or that your listing is infringing our brands intellectual rights.

Why didn't KF Beauty contact me directly for infringement?

Due to high volume of listings on eBay we are not able to reach all sellers directly.

What if I decide to re-post a listing once it has been suspended?

Listing counterfeit products for sale immediately exposes you to civil and potential criminal liability.  If you decide to re-post a previously suspended listing, then you will exponentially increase your risk to civil and criminal liability.  We monitor online sales of KF Beauty products intensively, so if you still try to sell previously de-listed counterfeit products again, we will take every effort to obtain your personal details from eBay and PayPal, and we will sue you.  We strongly suggest that you resist the temptation to test our mettle.

I thought the item I was selling was authentic, when I bought it, Why I can't resell it?

Infringing products violate our intellectual property rights, damage our Brand, and hurt consumers who are deceived into thinking that they purchased genuine product. This harm occurs even if you acted without knowledge of your infringement. Note, ignorance doesn't protect you from liability for intellectual property infringement.  As a seller, you are legally responsible for ensuring that your actions don’t violate applicable laws.

What if I bought the counterfeit products from a Wholesaler?

KF Beauty is the only official and authorized distributor of Wunder2 products. If you bought products wholesale from any source other than KF Beauty, then you have mostly likely purchased counterfeit product, and you are under a legal duty to refrain from marketing, distributing or disseminating those products in commerce.  If you would like to report anyone who is selling a counterfeit item in wholesale, please contact us at brand.protection@kfbeauty.com

Why hasn’t KF Beauty removed all listings that sell counterfeit products?

We vigorously enforce our intellectual property rights, and we monitor online activity for counterfeit items in an intensive and comprehensive manner.  That said, sometimes sellers of counterfeit products go unnoticed for a period of time.  Rest assured, we will eventually find all such sellers; however, until we do, you should refrain from conduting business with those sellers and let us know when you find one   by reporting the seller (in complete confidence) at brand.protection@kfbeauty.com.