DE-FENSE Sports™

For over twenty-two years, Knowledge In Motion, Inc. d/b/a DE-FENSE Sports™, has been the holder of the D-FENCE Design© intellectual property, United States Copyright Office registration #TXu000633843 dated 05/19/1994.

The sports related D-FENCE Design© is comprised of the image of the letter "D" and the image of a fence.

Additional intellectual property includes the trademark for the DE-FENSE SPORTS™, D-FENCE SPORTS™, D-FENCE DESIGN™ and D-FENCE SIGN™ sports related names.
DE-FENSE Sports™ maintains the exclusive right to license for commercial purposes the use of the above mentioned copyright and trademarks. No commercial use of these copyrights or trademarks may be made without obtaining prior written consent from DE-FENSE Sports™.