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Lifetrons Switzerland AG and Lifetrons International Ltd. (“Lifetrons”) owns many trademarks and copyrighted materials worldwide in connection with Lifetrons products, electronics and accessories. Lifetrons has the legal responsibility to enforce its trademark and copyright rights. Accordingly, Lifetrons provides this page to educate eBay users about auctions that infringe the intellectual property rights of Lifetrons. Lifetrons and its licensees have the exclusive right to use its copyrighted works and trademarks. Lifetrons trademarks are protected under various U.S. and international trademark laws. Anyone who uses Lifetrons marks, without Lifetrons permission, is liable for trademark infringement. Similarly, textual and photographic works produced and published by Lifetrons or its licensees are protected under U.S. and international copyright laws. Anyone who produces, copies, distributes or displays Lifetrons copyrighted materials, without Lifetrons permission, is liable for copyright infringement. Please note that the manufacture, distribution and/or sale of counterfeit Lifetrons merchandise are illegal and carry criminal penalties. Lifetrons has and will continue to pursue those guilty of infringing Lifetrons trademarks and copyrighted materials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: If I buy a Lifetrons product on eBay from an unauthorized seller, is it covered by the Lifetrons one-year international warranty?
A: No, any products bought from unauthorized sellers of Lifetrons products immediately void the warranty.

Q: Why was my auction terminated?
A: Most likely, your auction was removed from the eBay website because it displayed unauthorized reproductions of copyrighted images owned by Lifetrons or because it offered for sale counterfeit merchandise featuring one of Lifetrons trademarks. We regularly monitor the Internet, including auction sites, in order to protect Lifetrons intellectual property rights. Lifetrons notifies eBay of auction listings containing unauthorized uses of Lifetrons copyrights and trademarks and auction listings reasonably believed to offer for sale counterfeit merchandise. eBay then takes the necessary action to comply with its user policies, which include removing the auction from the eBay website.

Q: Why was my auction singled out when there are other auctions on eBay that infringe Lifetrons intellectual property rights?
A: Lifetrons works diligently to ensure that all unauthorized uses of its intellectual property are removed from the eBay website. Given the high volume of merchandise for sale on eBay, and the frequency of newly added auctions, it is difficult to identify and remove every counterfeit and unauthorized item. Lifetrons failure to act against an infringing auction does not mean that the auction is not in violation of United States and international laws.

Q: I scanned an image of Lifetrons’ merchandise from Lifetrons’ website and pasted the image onto my eBay auction. Is this permissible?
A: No. Any unauthorized reproduction, display or distribution of Lifetrons’ copyrighted images is illegal.

Q: If I purchased an authentic item of Lifetrons merchandise, can I re-sell the item on eBay?
A: Yes. It is legal to re-sell a genuine item that you purchased, in its original, unaltered form. Nevertheless, it is impermissible to use Lifetrons’ copyrighted photographs to promote the sale of the item. In addition, you cannot use Lifetrons’ trademarks and logos to make your auction more appealing. You are prohibited from producing an unauthorized copy of the legitimate merchandise and offering it for sale.

Q: Can I use the Lifetrons logo or other logos or properties owned by Lifetrons to make my auction listing more appealing?
A: No. Use of these logos or other intellectual properties wrongfully implies that your auction is authorized, sponsored, or approved by Lifetrons, and dilutes the value of these logos in violation of state and federal trademark laws.

Q: What if I did not realize that I was infringing Lifetrons’ intellectual property rights?
A: Lack of intent will not relieve an infringer from liability under United States copyright or trademark laws. You have a responsibility to ensure that your actions do not violate someone else’s intellectual property rights. Before commencing an eBay auction, you must take affirmative steps to ensure that your auction does not violate the rights of any copyright or trademark owner.

Q: How can I determine whether an item for sale on eBay is an authentic Lifetrons Product?
A: The only way to determine whether you are purchasing authentic Lifetrons products is to purchase the goods directly from an authorized Lifetrons store, which is able to produce authenticity papers for the products being offered.

Q: Can Lifetrons verify the authenticity claims of merchandise for sale on eBay?
A: Lifetrons cannot guarantee the authenticity of any items for sale on eBay. Similarly, Lifetrons cannot compensate a dissatisfied buyer who purchased counterfeit merchandise from an eBay seller who made false claims of authenticity, nor can Lifetrons replace the counterfeit merchandise with genuine merchandise. If you believe that an eBay member is selling counterfeit Lifetrons products, you may send an email to identifying the eBay seller ID and/or the auction number in question for Lifetrons’ review.

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