LOOP-LOC® is trademarked in the United States and is proud to manufacture and sell high quality safety swimming pool covers, pool cover hardware, pool liners, and baby-loc removable pool fencing.  The name “LOOP-LOC” along with the image of the Elephant on the cover are both trademarked in the United State. Loop-Loc has been in business for 38 years and take the matter of protecting our intellectual property rights very seriously.   Due to the safety aspects of our products it is important to keep in mind that Loop-Loc Safety Covers must be measured and installed by qualified swimming pool professionals to maintain safety features and the pro-rated warranty supplied with the cover.


Loop-Loc® is a member of eBay's VeRo program and strictly enforces its intellectual property rights, including but not limited to its trademarks, service marks, and copyrights.   Both sellers and buyers on eBay should educate themselves regarding Loop-Loc’s intellectual property rights before buying and selling on Ebay.


 Counterfeits:  Note that the manufacture, distribution, and/or sale of counterfeit merchandise is illegal.  These activities carry both criminal and civil penalties and are expressly prohibited by eBay.  Loop-Loc regularly monitors the Internet, including auction sites like eBay, in order to protect its intellectual property rights.  Sale of counterfeit products will not be tolerated and will result in eBay's notification of such, removal of the illicit auction and follow up enforcement action from Loop-Loc against the seller.  The law maintains that it is your responsibility to ensure that your activities do not in any way violate the intellectual property rights of others. Ignorance of the law or innocent intent is not a defense.


 While online auction sites provide a convenient forum to buy and sell products, the only sure way to obtain new, authentic Loop-Loc products is to purchase them through our verified dealer base which can be found on our website at : http://www.looploc.com/dealer-locator.cfm or by calling our customer support department at 800-562-5667. Unfortunately, the fact that a product is described on an online auction site as a Loop-Loc® product does not guarantee that the product is in fact genuine and you could be purchasing counterfeit products.  Loop-Loc does not guarantee the authenticity or quality of products sold by someone other than through our verified dealers. Products sold on the secondary market may be stolen, counterfeit, modified, damaged, used or otherwise of poor quality.


  If LOOP-LOC becomes aware of an auction that infringes Loop-Loc’s intellectual property, we will refer the auction for termination.  We will also consider any other appropriate legal remedies to protect its intellectual property.  If you find an online auction that you suspect infringes Loop-Loc’s intellectual property, you should contact us at consumers@looploc.com.


Auctions that infringe Loop-Loc’s trademarks and copyrights, or include false advertising or other elements of unfair competition, are subject to termination.