Authentic Brands Group (“ABG”) is a brand development and licensing company. Our mandate is to acquire, manage and build long-term value in iconic consumer brands in the apparel, sporting goods, action sports, home, celebrity, entertainment and consumer electronics segments. Our mission is to build a global portfolio of world-renowned brands, and to further enhance brand equity, through partnering with best-in-class licensees, retailers, wholesalers and direct to consumer partners worldwide. Our innovative marketing strategies include traditional and new media outlets, as well as adjoining athlete and celebrity talent to brands. Our brands include:  ELVIS PRESLEY, MARILYN MONROE, MUHAMMAD ALI, JUDITH LEIBER, ADRIENNE VITTADINI, TARYN ROSE, SPYDER, PRINCE, HICKEY FREEMAN, HART SCHAFFNER MARX, MISOOK, PALM BEACH, TAPOUT, SINISTER, SILVER START, SPORTCRAFT and more (collectively our “Brand(s)”.  Our Brands are supported by our worldwide trademark (our “Trademark(s)”) and our copyright (our “Copyright(s)”) portfolios, and we make every effort to protect their value on a daily basis.


Marilyn Monroe



Born in 1926 in the charity ward at the Los Angeles County Hospital, Marilyn Monroe would become one of the most celebrated and enduring icons of all time. After spending much of her childhood in foster homes, Norma Jeane Mortenson began her modeling career in 1945, and quickly captured the attention of movie studio executives, directors and photographers, who immediately recognized her ability to capture and hold the attention of anyone on the opposite end of a camera lens.  By the end of 1946, Norma Jeane Mortenson had transformed into Marilyn Monroe, the platinum blonde we know and love her as still to this day.


For more than a decade, Monroe captivated audiences through a multitude of comedic and dramatic roles.  Not only was she a defining actor, but she also embodied American sex appeal, vulnerability, charm, charisma, talent and tragedy.  More than 50 years after her passing, Marilyn Monroe is one of the most beloved Hollywood stars of her cinematic era.  Her persona and image have captivated the world over and continue to transcend gender and generation.  Her timeless elegance is ingrained in our culture and it is our goal to enhance her legacy by creating a brand that exudes Monroe’s sophistication and grace.


The Marilyn Monroe brand takes the greatest female icon of the 20th century and re-imagines her for the 21st century. It seduces the world with products that capture Monroe’s iconic personality, style, glamour and elegance. Marilyn Monroe products bring out the inner Marilyn in every woman.





To eBay sellers:  As a seller, it is your responsibility to ensure that your actions do not violate the intellectual property rights of another.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse; the fact that you did not or do not know something is a violation of the law does not protect you from liability.



Q.  Why has my auction been removed?

A.  Your eBay auction was suspended most likely because we believe the merchandise being sold was counterfeit, and/or included an infringement of one or more of our Trademarks or Copyrights.  Given the nature of eBay and the Internet generally, decisions are made based upon descriptions and photographs.


Q.  Why was I allowed to post my auction if it violates the law?

A.  Due to volume, it is not practical for eBay to conduct a comprehensive pre-screen of all the auctions that individual sellers post. Therefore, certain impermissible items are allowed to be listed, and are only detected and removed after the listing has been posted.


Q.  Why does ABG care if I sell a single piece of unauthorized ABG merchandise?

A.  ABG has invested and continues to invest a considerable amount of time and money to develop its Brands and to maintain their reputations for providing the highest quality products and services to their customers.  The sale or auction of counterfeit merchandise, even a single item, risks confusing and deceiving consumers and diminishing the value of our Brands, Trademarks and our Copyrights.


Q.  If I purchased a legitimate item of ABG Brand merchandise, can I re-sell the item on eBay?

A.  Yes.  It is legal to re-sell a genuine item that you purchased.  You may also use our Trademarks to describe the item.  Please note, however, that you cannot use ABG’s copyrighted photographs to promote the sale of the item. You should instead use an actual photo of the goods being sold.


Q.  Why didn't ABG contact me directly before reporting my auction to eBay?

A.  Given the high volume of items posted on eBay, it is not possible to contact each seller individually before requesting that eBay shut down the auction.


Q.  Can I list an item if I expressly say that it is “Not Genuine,” “Fake,” or other similar phraseology?

A.  No. A disclaimer regarding the authenticity of goods (such as "faux", "fake", "knockoff", “cannot guarantee authenticity" and other similar disclaimers) do not satisfy state and federal laws prohibiting the sale of counterfeit merchandise.


Q. Can I use one of your Trademarks or reference one of your Brands in an auction heading even though I’m not selling an ABG Brand item?

A.  No. It is misleading and impermissible to use one of our Trademarks or a reference to one of our Brands when there is no legitimate connection between the goods sold and the use of the Trademark or Brand name.


Q. Can I relist my item after it has been removed?

A. If you believe that your item was wrongly removed, you should not relist it without first finding out why the listing was removed. Relisting an item that has been removed could result in suspension from eBay.


Contact information:

If your email requests information that is already contained in this VeRO Participant Page, you will not receive a response.  Due to the high volume of email received, it may take us a couple of weeks to respond to your message if it addresses an issue not discussed above.





Q.  Will ABG verify the authenticity of merchandise purchased on eBay?

A. Unfortunately, we do not authenticate products. We encourage customers to purchase our product from our Brands’ owned and operated stores, via their respective websites and from reputable retailers. This is the only way to protect yourself from counterfeiters and to ensure that you are purchasing high-quality, authentic ABG Brand merchandise. If you believe that an eBay member is selling counterfeit ABG merchandise, you may send an email to identifying the eBay seller ID and/or the auction number in question for ABG’s review.



Q.  How does ABG police products on eBay?

A. ABG is committed to protecting the reputations of its Brands as well as the interests of its customers and licensees.  To that end, ABG and its licensees monitor the Internet, including auction sites like eBay, to ensure that our Trademarks and Copyrights have not been infringed.


Q.  What kind of actions will ABG take against those sellers who are found to be infringing on their trademarks?

A. ABG adopts a pro-active approach to the counterfeiting of our products and is actively targeting individuals, markets and any business premises where counterfeit copies of our products are manufactured, distributed, possessed or sold.


Q. Why should I care about counterfeiting?

A. Not only do counterfeiting and other infringements harm consumers who mistakenly purchase inferior products, it also harms ABG and our authorized licensees. Consumers who purchase counterfeits or unauthorized products may never learn of their mistake, and based on a single bad experience with a counterfeit product, they may never purchase an ABG Brand product again. Even worse, they may tell friends and colleagues that the quality of our Brand’s products has deteriorated. The worldwide reputation for quality and innovation of all of ABG’s Brands was earned through years of hard work and substantial investments of resources. Because that hard-earned reputation is critical to our success, we will not allow it to be tarnished by counterfeiters and infringers.