Nickolas Muray Photo Archives, LLC



My name is Mimi Muray Levitt, and I am the daughter of the famed photographer, Nickolas Muray. In addition to photographing thousands of important people, (from Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Helen Keller, Claude Monet, George Bernard Shaw, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and many more), he was a very close friend and lover of Frida Kahlo, and took the most iconic images of her ever made. I have just recently become aware of items using my father’s images of Frida Kahlo posted on eBay. In an effort to protect the intellectual property rights of my father's Photo Archives, I am now a participant of eBay's VeRO program. Selling pictures, photos, prints, lithographs, jewelry, mouse pads, coffee mugs, etc. with my father’s images, without permission, is not legal. Any use of my father’s images for anything, including prints, photos, lithographs, jewelry, mouse pads, coffee mugs, T-shirts etc. without my permission, constitutes copyright infringement.