Panasonic Corporation of North America develops, manufactures, and sells consumer electronics products including batteries under the PANASONIC brand throughout the world. Panasonic has invested substantial resources to develop intellectual property that represents the quality of its products and the loyalty to its brand that consumers have shown. Panasonic has created this page to help educate eBay users about auctions that infringe upon the intellectual property rights of Panasonic and may involve the sale of dangerous products. Trademark Counterfeiting Panasonic’s trademarks are protected under U.S. and international trademark laws. Consumers recognize the high quality and value of our products when they see PANASONIC on the package. Any unauthorized use of any of Panasonic’s marks, which may cause confusion as to the source of the goods, is a violation of our exclusive rights. Of particular concern is the sale over eBay of counterfeit lithium and lithium ion and other batteries. Some of these counterfeit batteries have been implicated in fires and other accidents. Consumers should be aware that PANASONIC lithium and lithium ion batters are manufactured only in the United States and Japan. Consumers should be certain about the origin of the PANASONIC batteries that they buy. If these batteries are shipped from anywhere outside the US or Japan they may be counterfeit. Contacts Questions about PANASONIC batteries should be directed to: Panasonic Battery, 201-392-6464.