MyGift® and MG Collection®


The MyGift® and MG Collection® brands are wholly owned by MyGift Enterprise located in Redmond, Washington and stands for quality home and fashion products.  Our brand name is built around offering quality products at an affordable price with our stellar customer service.  MyGift Enterprise takes its commitment to these values seriously, and as such actively searches for any infringements throughout the various online marketplaces.


We here at MyGift Enterprise started actively hunting these infringing listings in response to multiple complaints from customers who thought they were purchasing authentic MyGift® and MG Collection® products from an authorized MyGift® or MG Collection® sale, when in fact their purchase was an unauthorized copy of a listing that had been placed legitimately by MyGift Enterprise on another marketplace.


All MyGift® and MG Collection® products come with a non-transferrable warranty.  Any items resold by a third party are not subject to any warranty or return policy offered by MyGift Enterprise.  Buyer assumes all responsibility for any shipping or replacement product costs incurred for orders sold to a third party.  Under no circumstances will MyGift Enterprise approve any return or replacement for an order resold to a third party.  MyGift Enterprise is the sole authorized distributor and seller of MyGift® and MG Collection® products.


It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure their actions do not infringe any intellectual property rights of others.  Claims of ignorance do not excuse these actions.  MyGift Enterprise will not withdraw any complaints filed for the unauthorized use of any trademarks or copyrights owned by MyGift Enterprise.