About mywalit

mywalit is the original multicolour leather goods brand founded in 2005 in Lucca, Italy.

Renowned for its creativity and fun, mywalit’s range of designer leather wallets, purses, handbags, travel
and office accessories boast innovative style and avant-garde designs in a range of bright and beautiful

Using only the finest leathers from around the world, each mywalit product is handcrafted with
impeccable attention to detail, creating a truly unique accessory piece.

Celebrated for its trademark vibrant colours across the world, mywalit’s leather accessories combine the
boldest pantone combinations to create a world of unforgettable colour.

Protecting Intellectual Property

mywalit takes great pride in the quality and workmanship of its products and wants to ensure that
consumers can purchase with confidence when they see the mywalit brand. To maintain its image, build
its goodwill, and meet the expectations of consumers, mywalit must protect its intellectual property.

While online auction sites provide a convenient forum to buy and sell secondary market products, the only
sure way to obtain new, genuine mywalit products is to purchase them through mywalit authorized
retailers, or online at www.mywalit.com.

mywalit does not guarantee the authenticity or quality of products sold by someone other than
mywalit.com or an authorized mywalit retailer. Products sold on the secondary market may be stolen,
counterfeit, modified, damaged, or otherwise of poor quality.

If mywalit becomes aware of an auction that infringes mywalit’s intellectual property, mywalit will refer
the auction for termination. mywalit will also consider any other appropriate legal remedies to protect its
intellectual property. If you find an online auction that you suspect infringes mywalit’s intellectual
property, you should contact usa@mywalit.com.

Auctions that infringe mywalit’s trademarks and copyrights, or include false advertising or other elements
of unfair competition, are subject to termination. Auctions that use mywalit’s product photographs,
images, advertising copy, or other advertising and promotional material are infringing and subject to

Finally, secondary market sellers should exercise caution when representing that a secondary market
product is "new" as consumers can be misled if the overall impression left by the online auction implies a
source, sponsorship, association or affiliation with mywalit.

In taking these steps, mywalit’s intent is to protect the expectations of consumers and the designs, names
and trademarks that distinctly identify mywalit.