Old&Urban, a brand supplying high quality barware and known for its Moscow Mule Copper Mug is a VerO participant (Verified Rights Owner) and is committed to protect its copyrights and trademarks and further ensure no counterfeit merchandise or products that are inferior to genuine Old&Urban products are offered or sold to customers on Ebay.

Old&Urban is the exclusive owner of its copyrights and trademarks and there are no authorized resellers. The distribution and/or sale of counterfeit merchandise is illegal and carries with it criminal penalties.

If you want to take advantage of our customer service, guarantees, warranties and receive an authentic product we encourage you to purchase your item from us directly. We can not guarantee the quality and longevity of counterfeit products and have found in many instances that products offered using our brand name and images to promote them were not remotely the same as what we provide to our customers.


All product content, further defined as images, text (words and phrases), product descriptions, titles and recipes are copyrighted and the use, reproduction or creation of derivative works is not permitted on Ebay. This includes images from our website, any other websites or social media networks featuring our product content.

We regularly review Ebay listings and will take appropriate action to protect our works. This may or may not include contacting the copyright infringer directly and/or reporting the violation to the Ebay VerO team in order to have unauthorized uses of our intellectual property removed from Ebay immediately.

Being unaware of the above violations does not negate liability under U.S. copyright or trademark laws. It is the responsibility of each seller, company, entity or party to ensure their actions do not infringe the copyrights of others before starting an auction. Please also refer to Ebay’s policy which strongly encourages one to take their own product images and write their own product descriptions to avoid this issue.

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