The origin of Origami Owl, LLC began in 2010 when 14-year-old Founder Bella Weems had a simple dream of getting a car by the time she turned sixteen.  She created a line of meaningful, customizable jewelry, including its signature Living Lockets® which can be personalized with an individual’s own life journey.  Fast forward five years and Origami Owl, a national social selling company and Inc. Hire Power Award recipient is fulfilling its mission to be a force for good; to love, inspire and motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives others.  With its headquarters, known as The Nest, in Chandler, Arizona Origami Owl boasts hundreds of employees and more than 70,000 independent sales representatives known as O2 Designers™, nationwide as well as Puerto Rico & Canada.  These entrepreneurs sell the unique line at home parties (each known as a “Jewelry Bar®”).  For more information or to find an O2 Designer in your area, please visit www.origamiowl.com for U.S. & Puerto Rico and www.origamiowl.ca for Canada (collectively the “Websites”).


Visit https://www.origamiowl.com/legalnotices (U.S.) & https://origamiowl.ca/legalnotices (Canada) for a comprehensive list of Origami Owl, LLC's intellectual property.  Please direct any questions or comments regarding Origami Owl's IP to externalcompliance@origamiowl.com.  Thank you.


Origami Owl distributes a diverse line of jewelry products (collectively, the “Products”).  Origami Owl owns certain trademarks (collectively, the “Marks”) which identify the Origami Owl Products, including, but not limited to, ORIGAMI OWL® Reg. No. 4,170,416, & LIVING LOCKETS® Reg. No. 4,307,520.

Origami Owl registered the Marks with the United States Patent & Trademark Office and has used and actively promoted the Marks for a number of years.  Origami Owl has invested considerable time and money establishing goodwill in the Marks under which it sells its Products.

Origami Owl aggressively polices its Marks to protect its intellectual property and to protect the expectations of its O2 Designers & customers.  Trademarks serve an important function to identify the origin of Origami Owl Products.  Trademarks represent the goodwill of the company.  Origami Owl prohibits the use of its trademarks, or listings that are confusingly similar to its trademarks, in association with related products or services that are not from Origami Owl.  State and federal law prohibits using confusingly similar trademarks for related goods.  Customer confusion may result if a Mark is not reliably and consistently associated with Origami Owl Products.


Origami Owl claims copyright in all product photography as well as its original designs.  This includes images found in its catalogues (“Take Out Menus”), Websites and social media posts.

Although registration is not required to create a copyright, Origami Owl has registered copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office for its original designs found in its jewelry.  As the copyright owner, Origami Owl has the exclusive right to reproduce, copy or prepare derivative works.

Please note that the Berne Convention affords global copyright protection for member countries.  This means that a copyright granted in the U.S. is also protected in member countries including, but not limited to, China, Mexico and Canada.


Origami Owl also owns several U.S. patents, including but not limited to, Large “Heart-Shaped Locket” U.S. Reg. No. D711,278.

If you are proven to infringe Origami Owl's patents, U.S. law provides you must pay Origami Owl:

• Actual damages incurred by Origami Owl (least a reasonable royalty) or Origami Owl's lost profits (35 U.S.C. § 284);
• In the alternative, at the election of Origami Owl, your total profits (35 U.S.C. § 289);
• The costs incurred by Origami Owl (25 U.S.C. § 284); and
• If the case is deemed exceptional, the attorneys' fees incurred by Origami Owl (25 U.S.C. § 285).

In addition, the court can award injunctive relief to prevent future infringement (35 U.S.C. § 283).


Origami Owl routinely monitors the internet, including auction sites such as eBay, in order to protect its rights and prevent harm to consumers in the marketplace.  As part of that effort, Origami Owl notifies eBay of auction listings containing unauthorized use of its Marks and the sale of counterfeit or otherwise infringing product.  This being said, infringing listings, including but not limited to, “like Origami Owl”, “Living memory locket” or “fits Living Lockets” as well as listings with Origami Owl’s product photography or logos will be reported to eBay as well.

Although Origami Owl monitors and removes counterfeit or otherwise infringing listings regularly, there are still many listings that infringe Origami Owl’s rights.  The sale or advertisement of these items is not lawful and will be aggressively policed.

Please note that counterfeiters may not adhere to safety, health, human rights, or environmental regulations when manufacturing counterfeit jewelry.  Counterfeiters also unfairly profit at the expense of legitimate businesses.

Origami Owl implements a stringent inspection of its Products to assure that its O2 Designers and customers receive this standard of high quality jewelry.  Counterfeit jewelry deprives the consumer of this standard, and thereby damages the reputation of Origami Owl.

For the above reasons, ending sales that infringe Origami Owl’s rights and potentially harm consumers is a top priority.  In order for Origami Owl to protect its O2 Designers, customers and intellectual property, Origami Owl uses the VeRO program to remove counterfeit or otherwise infringing listings.

Please consider the following when purchasing Origami Owl Products and original designs:

• Origami Owl’s Products are distributed by our O2 Designers and Websites in the United States as well as Canada.  Be suspicious of any Origami Owl branded jewelry or original designs offered from international vendors or advertised as direct from factory, as these items are counterfeit.

• Any listings selling large quantities of Origami Owl branded jewelry or original designs as well as “lots” are most likely counterfeit items.  Sellers may omit using the Marks when listing counterfeit Origami Owl jewelry in order to avoid detection.

• Counterfeit jewelry usually comes with deeply discounted prices.  Origami Owl’s Products are high quality and have met this standard through Origami Owl’s stringent inspection process.  Origami Owl jewelry items listed at “discounted” or very inexpensive prices are most likely counterfeit.

• Origami Owl’s Products are branded with the O2 logo in which Origami Owl has common law trademark rights.  Unfortunately, counterfeit goods often have counterfeit tags and may be stamped as well.

Origami Owl takes great pride in having such a large sales force known as O2 Designers, and the only way to guarantee that you are buying genuine Origami Owl Products is to buy from an active O2 Designer or the company’s Websites.  Origami Owl strongly recommends you buy your Origami Owl Products from O2 Designers and its Websites.  You may use Origami Owl’s Websites at any time to locate an O2 Designer near you.

Reporting alleged counterfeiters and infringing listings

Should you come across listings on eBay that you suspect may be counterfeit goods or are infringing Origami Owl’s rights, please contact externalcompliance@origamiowl.com with the seller’s username, item number and/or link to the listings.  We will be more than happy to investigate the matter.