Trade Names, Trademarks and Copyrights

Overstock is the owner of many U.S. trademark registrations, including the following:

1) OVERSTOCK.COM® Registration No. 2,939,764
2) OVERSTOCK.COM® Registration No. 2,503,246
3) OVERSTOCK.COM Your Online Outlet®, Registration No. 3,069,011
4) O Registration No. 4,033,193

Overstock has operated its online business for several years and has been using these famous marks in the United States and in many foreign countries as early as 1999. During this time, Overstock has invested tens of millions of dollars in its brand and is one of the most prominent and well-known ecommerce brands on the Internet. Consequently, Overstock is entitled to the broadest scope of protection under the law.

Overstock’s trade names, trademarks and service marks are important and valuable business assets. They help identify the source and the reputation of Overstock products and services worldwide and distinguish them from those of competitors. Therefore, Overstock makes every effort to protect its trademarks, its corporate logotype, label designs and various product names and ensure that others do not misuse them. Overstock will not allow use of its trade name (company name), trademarks (brand names), designs or symbols by any person. Overstock’s printed materials are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in whole or in part by other persons.

Overstock is a member of the eBay VeRo program and strictly enforces proper use of its’ intellectual property. If images, logos or text are used directly from our website, literature or any other copyrighted materials, we will consider this an infringement. If an auction gives the slightest implication or appearance that the seller represents Overstock, or that the seller is authorized or licensed to sell Overstock products, this will also be treated as an infringement of our intellectual property rights and we will seek to enforce our rights to the fullest extent permitted by the laws of the applicable country.

If you become aware of a listing that you believe violates Overstock’s intellectual property rights, please contact us at copyrightagent@overstock.com.