PAMP SA is the world’s leading bullion brand, with dominant positions in the world’s major precious metals markets. Established in 1977 and based in Ticino, Switzerland, PAMP operates a state-of-the-art precious metals refinery and fabrication facility. The company provides a complete range of precious metal bars as well as customized precious metal coins and bullion bars. PAMP SA is the owner of a wide range of registered trademarks, designs and copyrights all over the world such as the following:

  • PAMP


  • FORS













    For additional details about PAMP’s services and operations, please see its official website: PAMP is proud of its products and in order to preserve their quality as well as the best interests of its clients, PAMP only sells said products through a network of trusted distributors and retailers. In order to protect its intellectual property rights, PAMP has adopted a zero-tolerance policy for persons and/or entities that have infringed upon said intellectual property rights, including but not limited to its wide range of trademarks, designs and copyrights. To safeguard those intellectual property rights and protect consumers, PAMP continually monitors the Internet, including auction sites, to identify auctions of counterfeit PAMP products. Unauthorized use of PAMP intellectual property will result in eBay's notification of such abuse and the immediate removal of the auction. Furthermore, the manufacturing, distribution, and/or sale of counterfeit merchandise is illegal and perpetrators shall be subject to civil and/or criminal prosecution and as a result may face a custodial sentence and/or a monetary penalty.

Buying PAMP products safely on eBay


PAMP has been made aware that a certain number of counterfeit PAMP products have been sold on the Internet. Consumers who purchase such counterfeit products have no right to use or resell them, and should immediately destroy them and report the case to PAMP. Consumers can best protect themselves by carefully scrutinizing each and every auction listing, offered product, and the eBay reseller before making a purchase. Here are some guidelines to help protect you when purchasing PAMP products on the Internet:



What can you do to report a counterfeit PAMP product?


If you have a question about the authenticity of PAMP products or if you would like to send a message to PAMP concerning a possible case of counterfeiting, please contact the company at the following address: The company will do its utmost to respond to you as soon as possible, but please be aware that due to the volume of emails received, it may take as many as two weeks to process your request.


Selling counterfeit PAMP products on eBay


PAMP is a member of eBay's Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program, which allows the company to request the removal of auctions that it believes to be counterfeit or believes to be in violation of PAMP's trademarks, designs or copyrights. It is your responsibility as a seller to ensure that the products you list for sale are authentic. If you cannot ascertain a product's authenticity, you should refrain from listing it on eBay or contact PAMP SA at the following address:


Selling replicas of PAMP products on eBay


Replica products bearing an imitation of PAMP’s registered trademarks may not be sold in eBay auctions. Indeed, you cannot sell fake products on eBay, even in the event that you inform consumers that your items are replicas. The sale of PAMP replicas leads consumers to associate fraudulent and low quality items with PAMP SA products, which ultimately devalues PAMP’s image and reputation; an image and reputation the company has built for more than 35 years upon major investments. Devaluation of a company's image is particularly serious in the domain of precious metals, as the business of gold is built on trust. Even if your product is made of real gold, the use of PAMP's name or its trademarks in your auction constitutes an infringement on PAMP's rights.


Shutting down an auction


If your auction has been shut down pursuant to PAMP's request, it is because PAMP has assessed that (i) the product offered is counterfeit and, therefore, you have infringed upon PAMP's intellectual property rights and/or (ii) the product has infringed upon the registered design and/or copyright of the products of PAMP. Please note, PAMP will not contact you directly before reporting your auction to eBay and requesting its removal. It is indeed not possible for PAMP to contact each seller before having an auction removed. Instead, the company follows the procedures established by eBay for the protection of intellectual property rights through its aforementioned VeRO program.


Be wary of offers that are listed substantially below the average price, as especially low-priced offers are usually counterfeit products. Please check current prices of the key precious metals on the website of PAMP affiliate MKS


Please refer to PAMP's high quality presentation of products at to make a visual comparison of products.


Please refer to PAMP guidelines to detect counterfeit PAMP products:


Alternately, you may refer to the 'Where To Buy' section of PAMP's official website in order to locate a trusted PAMP distributor near you:


PAMP also encourages customers to utilize its VeriScan® Bullion Identification Security System, which provides fast, efficient and virtually risk-free authentication of registered PAMP products bearing the VeriScan logo: