Walker Metalsmiths Celtic Jewelry

We are a craftsman run workshop specializing in authentic Celtic design jewelry. Founded by Stephen Walker in 1984. We specialize in Celtic knotwork wedding rings in silver, gold, platinum, Celtic Crosses , brooches and we make other treasures as well. Our workshop and gallery is located in the Village of Andover in rural Allegany County of Western New York State. We sell our own work as well as the creations of several other Celtic designers and jewelers from Scotland and Ireland.

Originality and Copyright:
Celtic designs have an ancient heritage. Because Celtic Art often is used to make a link to the distant past it is often misunderstood that genuine designs can only be copied from antiquity. The work of Walker Metalsmiths is not an imitation of historical Celtic Art but rather an affirmation that new and original creations are authentic continuations of that artistic heritage. With the exceptions of several of the simplest knots, none of the designs of Walker Metalsmiths should be considered public domain. It is commonly and wrongly supposed that all Celtic designs are ancient and therefore free from copyright restrictions. The truth is that new, traditionally correct designs often look as if they could be very old, but they are none-the-less intellectual property of the artist. Use of copyright designs by anyone other than the artist requires permission in the case of personal use or a licensing agreement in the case of commercial use. All rights reserved.

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