The Salt Life Story...

At Salt Life, we are passionate about the Ocean, just like you. We are fishermen, captains, dive masters, free divers, surfers, and spear fishermen with salt in our veins. We know what it's all about and it's what we love to do.

The four partners of Salt Life are avid "watermen" and extreme surfers, free divers, spear fishermen and blue water fishing experts. All have traveled the globe surfing, fishing and diving in pursuit of the Salt Lifestyle. Today, we live by our commitment to our original concepts and continue to visit places like the North Shore of Hawaii, Tavarua Fiji, Indonesia, Central America, Venezuela, the Bahamas and other remote Salt Life locations on a regular basis.

During our adventures, we assembled a team of hardcore watermen from every corner of the world. Through these very special individuals, we have established lifelong ties with the local experts in each region of the globe and made them part of the Salt Life family. Through our partnership with C&H Lures, our watermen are responsible for the development and design of many of the best blue water fishing lures in the world.

Be it surfing, fishing, diving or just enjoying a day at the beach, we all have one thing in common... the ocean and all it has to offer!

As part of an our enforcement efforts, Salt Life joined EBAY's VeRo program to help enforce protection of our intellectual property rights. Salt Life takes protection of our trademark very seriously and we take all steps necessary, including seeking both civil and criminal remedies against those who seek to profit from Salt Life's  reputation through the manufacture and marketing of counterfeit and/or infringing products.


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