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Sigma Beauty's mission is to provide beauty enthusiasts with the latest innovations in cosmetics, makeup brushes, and brush care accessories. We strive for exceptional quality, innovative function, and excellence in customer service. Sigma Beauty utilizes science and engineering to constantly challenge the beauty industry status quo and present our clients with state of the art products.



Innovating Beauty.




Sigma takes great pride in its high quality and innovative products.  Counterfeit products are made with inferior materials and do not reflect the high standards that Sigma is known for.  Any listing suspected of selling counterfeit or products that infringe on Sigma’s intellectual property rights will be reported to eBay via the VeRO Program.


The use of the “Sigma”, “Sigma Beauty”, “Sigma Makeup” or “Sigma Brushes” cannot be used to compare products in eBay listings and is considered an item trademark infringement.  Any listings containing the previously stated names must contain only authentic Sigma products.



Sigma is the owner of copyright in various aspects of the Sigma Beauty website,  Under United States copyright law, Sigma Beauty’s copyrights have been in effect since the date that the Sigma Beauty was created.  All copyrightable aspects of Sigma Beauty are copyrighted under United States copyright law.


To guarantee authenticity and product quality, Sigma strictly prohibits the use of our copyrighted photography, text, and video, unless written consent is given by the company.  Any listings containing unauthorized use of Sigma Beauty’s copyrighted text and/or images will be reported to eBay via the VeRO Program.


Where to buy

The only website owned and operated by Sigma Beauty to sell Sigma Beauty products online is  Sigma can only guarantee authenticity when products are purchased directly from our website or our Authorized Retailers.



Sigma takes allegations of counterfeit and infringing products seriously and encourages other to report suspicious activities.  If you would like to report counterfeits or have any questions regarding Sigma products on eBay, please email


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