Schlyer Designs
Angel of Compliance and Servitude



My name is Robert Schlyer and I am the owner of Schlyer Designs.  Schlyer Designs is a small studio in the midwest specializing in custom gold and silver jewelry and drawings of the male nude.  I taught art in the public schools for twenty five years and retired in 1996 to open Schlyer Designs.  My main emphasis is on custom gold and silver jewelry but I usually average at least one male nude drawing per week.  I also do commisioned drawings from customer photos. I have perfect feedback and have never had a drawing returned or negative feedback left for one.  My top priority is customer satisfaction.


Water Agate Pendant



All information in my listings is copyrighted and protected from copying.  My images and drawings are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form without my express permission.  Also when you purchase a drawing you are purchasing only the physical drawing and NOT its reproduction rights.  I retain full reproduction rights for all my work.