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Greetings Fellow Ebay Earthlings:  Thanks for visiting my Ebay page.    CameraQuest is an Official USA Cosina Voigtlander Distributor,  so most of my auctions are Cosina Voigtlander products.   Cosina Voigtlander's innovation in new classic cameras, new optical designs, and new accessories the likes of which has never seen before, is truly amazing.     I'm fairly involved in Photography, as a photographer, camera collector, camera dealer, classic camera web site owner, and photographic writer.  My site CameraQuest specializes in Cosina Voigtlander, Nikon and Leica rangefinders, as well as quality classic cameras in general.     I'm one of the original members of the Nikon Historical Society.   My Nikon articles appear in the Classic Camera Profile section of my site, as well at the NHS site.   I'm also a member of the Leica  Historical Society and the Zeiss Historica Society, which has a page at CameraQuest. 




My own favorite collectibles are Nikon Rangefinders, Nikon F's, Leica Rangefinders, Contax Rangefinders, and Exakta, pretty much in that order.  The most popular part of CameraQuest  has proven to be Classic Camera Articles in the Profile section. Unfortunately, some people choose to ignore the my copyright notices, copying and pasting my material into their Ebay ads.  Using the Ebay VeRo PLUS program, I notify Ebay and end such auctions as quickly as I can.    If Ebayians want to refer to my materials by giving the URL of that page in their ads,  I have no problem with that.

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IF you have questions or want to email me about my Ebay auctions,  don't hide you email address -- allow me to respond directly back to you.   I do NOT respond to the little yellow button reply to emails  due to PHISHING, and I do NOT respond to questions via Ebay's message center due to its cumbersome interface.