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For Excelsior ASN or formal nursing program students!


We hope that you find this material much more organized & easier to navigate than our competitors.

We have tried to include everything you need to study for your exam.   




Our goal is to save you tons of money & precious time!  The study guides are divided into sections based on the Excelsior College / CLEP / DSST

content guide outlines with plenty of practice questions to sharpen your knowledge & hone your skills.  We have purchased & used

as reference the most current published editions of the recommended textbooks & scoured the Web for useful WebPages for you to visit

for additional information.  We all know how hard it is to study & work full time so our idea was to condense & organize – there are not

200 files or 70 folders here, (thank goodness!) but there is more than just one powerpoint and 50 questions!

Just the material you need at an affordable price and all PRINTABLE!


By providing study questions from every section of the outline you should be able to cover all sections of the exam.  Many students have

used these guides exclusively to study for their exams & have had great results.  Not everyone will feel comfortable doing his or her

study in that way, but it is an option.  We recommend that you study with a ‘buddy’ or have your significant other or a friend at work quiz

you on key terms randomly.  If you feel you need the textbooks, you may consider purchasing older editions of the recommended texts

available on eBay & – you’ll save hundreds of $$.  We have provided these study guides to over 10,000 students, many are now RNs

- and you can be too!!. 



It is our opinion that you should enroll directly through Excelsior College and save thousands by not paying the middlemen such as Rue,

Chancellor’s & College Network. Excelsior has a wonderful support staff and can answer all your questions!


This is not the same material sold by the other eBay vendors! Check our feedback!


A lot of the material for sale on eBay is 3-6 years old or older, not that English or Anatomy

have changed much in that time, but just something you should be aware of.  This is NOT the free material you can download

from the Yahoo groups or the free to view PowerPoints from various college websites like other vendors supply.

We have spent HOURS & HOURS writing, reviewing, typing and compiling this info.

We have written permissions from many, many, publishing companies and authors to use certain articles, excerpts,

charts, pictures, and programs from their published works.  

The study guides are in Adobe .pdf format & are all fully printable so you can take them with you or transfer to your tablet or phone! .


For the price, what have you got to lose?

Cera Hensley, BSN, RN


All of our study guides are in a constant process of review to include only current & relevant material.   


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