TAKATA Corporation - We launched our operations in 1933, as a maker of woven textile fabrics. In the 1950s, we began to develop seat belts for automobiles, and after that, we developed airbags, child restraint systems, motorsport (MPH) multi-point harnesses and additional safety products. Working to prevent the increase in the number of accidents accompanying the progress of global automobile usage, Takata has worked to achieve its dream of “a society with zero fatalities from traffic accidents” by improving automotive safety systems.

Takata is a specialized supplier of quality automotive safety products.  As such, Takata takes a very strong position against counterfeit goods sold and/or marketed using the TAKATA brand.

As an eBay VeRO Plus Program member, TAKATA reviews items for sale on eBay daily.  TAKATA seeks to prevent customer confusion and deceptive practices of others by enforcing the eBay VeRO policies with regard to the use of TAKATA’s intellectual property on eBay.  This About Me Page is provided to educate eBay users about auctions that violate eBay's VeRO policies.  TAKATA works hard to maintain and build the TAKATA brand and, as such, we must aggressively protect our intellectual property rights from infringers



TAKATA will not authenticate any item purchased on eBay and will make no representations as to its authenticity. The only way to guarantee authenticity is to purchase your TAKATA product from an authorized distributor or retailer.  These can be found at www.takataracing.com




Below are common questions about eBay and counterfeits.  Should you have any additional questions or would like to report the sale of TAKATA counterfeits on eBay or at another location, please contact us at fakebelts@takataracing.com


Thank you for your interest in TAKATA and the TAKATA Racing brand. We appreciate your continued support and assistance with combating the sale of counterfeit TAKATA merchandise.







Q:        Why was my auction terminated or suspended?


A:        Your auction was terminated by eBay, because it is believed your item is either a counterfeit item or that your item is infringing TAKATA’s intellectual property or copyrights.




Q:        Why didn’t TAKATA contact me directly to alert me of the infringing items?


A:        Due to the high number of auctions and eBay’s VeRO program procedures, it is impractical to contact each seller directly.




Q:        Why does eBay allow these auctions to be posted if they are against the law?


A:        eBay cannot conduct a comprehensive review of every auction before it’s posted.  Unfortunately, this enables unscrupulous individuals to post counterfeit TAKATA merchandise for sale, in violation TAKATA’s intellectual property or copyrights.  eBay will take action once an auction is posted if it is reported as a counterfeit or infringing item.



Q:        Will TAKATA verify the authenticity of merchandise purchased on eBay?


A:        No.  TAKATA is under no obligation to verify the authenticity of merchandise purchased on eBay, nor will TAKATA compensate a buyer who unknowingly purchased a counterfeit item on eBay.  The only way to guarantee authenticity of a TAKATA product is to purchase the items from authorized TAKATA distributors.



Q:        Why does TAKATA care if I sell a single piece of counterfeit or knock-off TAKATA merchandise?

A:        TAKATA has a zero tolerance policy for the sale of counterfeit goods.  Counterfeit TAKATA merchandise is of an inferior quality and does not come with the same warranties and guarantees as authentic TAKATA items. 


Q:        Why was my auction removed while many other auctions selling TAKATA items for sale remain active?


A:        Your auction was merely one of many cancelled during a routine search. Due to the volume of items offered and the way eBay works, however, it is impossible to cancel every infringing TAKATA auction.



Q:        I believe the item I’m offering for sale is authentic TAKATA merchandise. How can I tell?


A:       The only way to ensure you have purchased authentic product is to purchase it directly from TAKATA’s website or an authorized retailer found at  www.takataracing.com or www.takataracingshop.com  All other sources of products should be considered counterfeit or fake.



Q:       What if I was unaware the merchandise I was selling was not authentic TAKATA merchandise?


A:        It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your activities do not in any way violate the intellectual property rights of others. Ignorance of the law or lack of intent is not a defense to trademark violations.


Q:        Can I list an item if I expressly say that it’s “TAKATA Inspired,” “Not Genuine,” “Fake”, “Replica” or a “Knock Off”?


 A:       No.  The manufacture, distribution and/or sale of counterfeit goods is illegal. A disclaimer about the authenticity of goods does not serve to relieve a seller from liability.


Q:        Can I use the word ‘TAKATA’ in an auction heading even though I’m not selling a TAKATA item?


A:      No.  Courts have held that this confusing practice of enticing buyers, referred to as “initial interest confusion” is a form of trademark infringement, even though consumers may ultimately realize the goods offered for sale in an auction do not originate from TAKATA.  This practice is an attempt to exploit the goodwill associated with the TAKATA name and will not be tolerated.


Q:       Can I use an image from TAKATA’s website on my auction using copy and paste?


 A:       No. TAKATA closely controls the use of its images and does not authorize the reproduction of its images, graphics or logos on your website or auction.  TAKATA strongly enforces its intellectual property rights in order to protect the image and reputation of TAKATA products and to continue to produce top quality technology.   Your own digitally produced images and descriptions of the TAKATA product you are selling are acceptable.



Q:        If I promise not to sell counterfeit TAKATA items again, can you have my eBay account reinstated?

A:        We have no control or influence over eBay’s policies and cannot assist eBay users who have had their accounts suspended or cancelled. Reinstatement is entirely at eBay’s discretion.





Stand: April 10, 2015