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About Us

Synergetics Press and Synergetics Surplus are both hosted by legendary microcomputer pioneer, guru, and author Don Lancaster helped by weaver Bee Lancaster of 3860 West First Street, Box 809, Thatcher, AZ. 85552 (928)428-4073.

About Synergetics

Besides lots of outstanding surplus bargains, Synergetics has free tutorials and many links on a wide variety of technical and other subjects on its website. Additional services include books, technical presentations, consulting, and tinaja questing.

Most of our eBay images are high resolution scans of the actual item being offered. The scan is then watermarked and such enhancements as clarifying lettering and shadow adjustment are sometimes made. Our insider secret image processing details can be found in IMAGIMAG.PDF and other Blatant Opportunist tutorial files.

Please note that any and all rights to our eBay images, ad copy, and all other Synergetics intellectual property are rigorously and aggressively enforced through the extensive use of copyrights, watermarks, algorithmics, and other appropriate means.

Please also note that our eBay offerings are available to US bidders/buyers/shipments only.


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