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Adobe Systems Incorporated is a leading provider of publishing and imaging software technologies. Adobe builds award-winning software solutions for professional publishers, web and graphic designers, document-intensive organizations, business users, and consumers. Adobe's products enable customers to create, publish and deliver visually-rich images and documents across all print and electronic media. Whether you browse the World Wide Web; pick up a magazine, newspaper or any product box; look up at a billboard; watch special effects during a favorite TV show or movie; or admire a friend's homemade holiday card--chances are the images and text were created with one or more Adobe products.

Software Piracy
We ask that you help us protect our rich heritage of technologies against software pirates who seek to illegally profit from our hard work by deceiving customers. A software pirate is anyone who is using, selling, giving or trading software that has not been licensed to them. For example, someone who gets a copy of the program from a friend who is still using it or a company that has a product installed on more than one machine, but for which it has only a single user license would be a software pirate. After having reviewed the contents of the auction posting linked to this page, Adobe believes that the product(s) offered may be unauthorized or illegal. Adobe's belief is based on one or more of the following reasons:


  1. The seller is offering Adobe products in quantity and he/she is not an authorized reseller of Adobe products or otherwise licensed to reproduce or distribute Adobe products.
  2. The software offered was previously distributed in violation of an authorized distributor, reseller, or OEM contract with Adobe and further distribution by seller constitutes patent, trademark and copyright infringement.
  3. The software was duplicated in violation of the product's end-user license agreement and Adobe's intellectual property rights.
  4. The software was an academic, NFR ("not-for-resale"), or OEM version (where not permitted by law) being offered in violation of applicable agreements with Adobe and further distribution by seller constitutes patent, trademark and copyright infringement.
  5. The software being offered had previously been used to obtain an upgrade to a newer version and transfer from the prior owner is prohibited.


Illegal distribution of software can subject a seller to arrest and felony charges with fines up to $250,000 and prison terms of up to 5 years. In civil litigation against infringers trafficking in Adobe product that is illegally distributed or reproduced, Adobe can obtain the higher of its lost profits, the infringer's profits, or statutory damages of up to $150,000 per product, per infringement, in addition to recovery of Adobe's attorneys' fees in the action. The names of persons responsible for operating auctions of illegal Adobe software are retained and Adobe will seek criminal or civil prosecution of any repeat offenders. (No waiver of any rights is made or intended by Adobe with respect to first-time offenders--Adobe has and will continue to pursue many first-time offenders.) Adobe pursues offenders regardless of size or location. The downside of acquiring pirated software are clear, pirated products can carry viruses, and often do not come with documentation such as user manuals, also consumers cannot receive upgrades or technical support. In addition, purchasing pirated software can compromise your identity/credit card information if you give the pirate personal information and/or your internal network through Trojan horses included with the software. For more information on software piracy, visit the web sites listed below.


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