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Welcome to the information page for Wonder Wizards and the magic of Kenton Knepper, J. Tank and friends. We are the creators of "Wonder Words", "Completely Cold", "Kolossal Killer", "Killer Konceptions", "Wonder Readings" and much more. Our ORIGINAL material has gained acclaim the world over.
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You should be aware that there have been numerous incidents of our material having been photo copied and sold on auction sites including eBay. We cannot promise you are getting our real work in these copies of course. Further we will pursue ANY LEGAL REMEDY within as well as outside of eBay to those involved in any way in the selling or dealing of illegal copies. All of our materials, concepts, logos, likenesses and images are copyright. Any infringments will be dealt with accordingly, including the purchase of known ILLEGAL items. We will now be vigorously prosecuting all infringement upon our works regardless of distribution sites. This may include loss of auctions, loss of items, damages and other legal remedies. Think twice before copying or distributing our works without proper legal rights. We are actively involved in stopping any and all such action via legal remedies. This is our official public notice. Be WARNED: Selling or buying known illegal items is a crime. Copying of materials that are copyright is illegal. Please report all infringements of copyright to eBay and to us to avoid any potential problems in such matters.
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