Aleratec designs, develops and manufactures high-performance products acclaimed for their reliability and ease of use. Beginning in 2000, California-based Aleratec has met the needs of professionals in education, government and corporate markets with a diverse product line that includes professional-grade portable device management (PDM) charge/sync products for tablets and other mobile devices, duplicators for hard disk drives, USB flash drives and Blu-ray/DVD/CD discs, as well as disc printers, blank media, shredders, disc repair and related accessories.

In the consumer marketplace, Aleratec CP, a division of Aleratec, is an innovative manufacturer of consumer products spanning a diverse range of categories. Our engineering and product development teams understand the modern technology and comfort driven lifestyle and are dedicated to creating inventive products through listening to customers. Aleratec products are sold globally by the largest and most respected retailers in the world, and our continued success relies on a dedication to quality products backed by superior customer service. We put our customers' needs first and strive to set new standards on quality and value.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. Why was my auction shut down?

A. If your auction has been shut down pursuant to our request, it is because you have infringed the intellectual property rights of Aleratec. This may have been because:


    1. The item offered on the auction was counterfeit.



Aleratec will not allow the sale of counterfeit products and in addition to the removal of your auction, repeat sellers of counterfeit products bearing Aleratec's brands or marks may also face legal proceedings initiated on behalf of Aleratec; and/or



    2. The item has infringed the registered design and/or copyright of the products of Aleratec. Due to the number of registered designs and copyright we have, it is impossible for us to set out all their details and include all the relevant images; and/or



    3. You have misused one or more trademarks of Aleratec, such as the following:








Q. Can I make any reference to Aleratec and/or use the trademarks of Aleratec if I am not selling products belonging to Aleratec, even when I clearly say that the products are from other brands?

A. No. Many eBay sellers use the name of Aleratec and/or its trademarks in their auctions simply to get attention from consumers who are looking for authentic items from Aleratec. Any such use is therefore misleading. The use of the registered trademark is only permissible under law by the registered owner of the mark, its authorized entities and/or in relation to goods launched by the aforesaid entities under that mark.

Q. Why did Aleratec not contact me directly before requesting that eBay shut down my auction(s)?

A. Given the number of Aleratec items on eBay, it is not possible for Aleratec to contact each seller individually before requesting that eBay shut down the auction.



If you have any further questions after reviewing the above, you may contact us at If however you request information that is already available on this About Us page, you will not receive a response. Due to the volume of emails received, it may take us a couple of weeks to process your request. We ask that you kindly bear with us in the meantime.