Alex Perez paintings

ALEX PEREZ  Original paintings with pictured and pencil hand signed COA.


All the original graphic works (serigraphs, prints) of Alex Perez are hand signed and numbered.

Any prints which are not hand signed and numbered are totally fake prints.

Any “signed in the plate” prints are fakes, and the signatures are a forgery. Dont deal with fraudulent items which show my signature in the plate.

Alex Perez never created any open editions. The only valid print editions of my work  are up to 600 examples on paper and 200 on canvas, all of them hand signed by me, and all of them numbered.

Any sellers showing editions of more than those numbers are dealing with fakes.


These unauthorized editions of prints, without the artist's agreement, knowledge or supervision, falsely signed, began to create a whole illegal black market for Alex Perez's work which continues to this day.

Please read these investigations:

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Breach of Contract, Unauthorized Issue of Prints by questionable Gallery, Forgery of Artist’s Signature, Fraud, Unjust Enrichment. The following documents are the result of a Fine Art Registry investigation

How To Rip Off and then Crush a Successful International Artist, by a questionable Gallery Style: Part 2
Art Article, February 11, 2010, by Fine Art Registry®
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IAlex Perez

About me:

Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1946, Perez is a fourth generation of artists. After graduating from the ‘Academy of  Fine Arts’ in Santiago, he worked in his father's studio - the Ibero-Chilean painter Eduardo Perez - where he acquired most of his artistic knowledge and skill.
 In 1964, he moved to Israel, where he worked until 2003. Currently he resides in Chile, where he continues his work.

Perez’s work fuses a sophisticated color sensibility with a romantic realism approach, and he expresses his own passion and "joie de vivre" by recording Nature on the canvas.
His color technique imbibes the shifting of light as day progresses from dawn to dusk and back again, the vividness of colors breathing life and vitality in to the canvas.

Perez’s art has been exhibited all over the world, and his works are included in private and public collections in Israel, the United States, Europe, South America and Japan.






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