Rembrandt Charms

Rembrandt Charms provides this page to assist eBay users in identifying auctions of unauthorized or illegal Rembrandt Charms merchandise. Rembrandt Charms is a designer and manufacturer of quality charm bracelets and charms.  All charms sold by Rembrandt Charms bear the “RQC” quality stamp.  If a charm does not have this stamp, it is not a genuine Rembrandt Charms product.  eBay allows Rembrandt Charms collectors the opportunity to buy and sell secondary market Rembrandt Charms products, i.e. charms that are pre-owned.  If you are looking for new Rembrandt Charms merchandise, it is available only through Rembrandt Charms Authorized Jewelers.  You may locate a Rembrandt Charms Authorized Jeweler by going to the company’s website at and clicking on Locate Jeweler.

Rembrandt Charms has worked hard to build its reputation as the designer and manufacturer of quality jewelry products.  The REMBRANDT CHARMS name and other trademarks of the company, and its copyrights in the company’s catalogs, brochures, webpages, images, product photographs, and other sales and marketing materials, are valuable assets of Rembrandt Charms.  Sellers should refrain from all unauthorized uses of the company’s trademarks and copyrights, such as unauthorized uses of our copyrighted product photographs.  Rembrandt Charms works diligently to protect its intellectual property from infringement.   If we observe an auction that infringes the company’s intellectual property rights, we will ask eBay to disable the auction. If the infringement continues, Rembrandt Charms reserves the right to pursue all lawful remedies to protect its valuable intellectual property.