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QReview is a complete ASQ CQE Review Course designed specifically for quality professionals who are about to take the exam or just need a refresher in the quality sciences.

My father has over 35 years of experience in the quality sciences and has been an instructor for the ASQ CQE refresher course since they first opened for business in 1969. He developed QReview for his courses and has exclusive ownership rights to the material.

My father retired from his primary job as a quality manager for a major corporation but he is still an instructor for ASQ CQE refresher course. He travels all over the world teaching his material to major corporations.

When my father retired he came to work for me at my company. I run a successful Internet company. He then transferred exclusive rights to allow my company to market and distribute the QReview software.

My company only sells direct to consumer through eBay, our personal web site and our toll free ordering number. When you buy the software from us we provide direct technical support via email and phone. Additionally, my father will directly respond via email to questions regarding content, exam questions and other relevant information in order to help you pass the exam.

Please be aware of scams and folks who try to illegally duplicate our software. This software may NOT function properly, nor provide you with all the functionality, nor provide technical or exam support and it likely will not be up to date. Therefore, if you find software on the Internet that appears similar in description but does not bear the name QReview or is not sold on eBay from anocera or is not sold on our web site (www.cqeweb.com) please notify me immediately. We actively pursue all claims of infringement.

I hope this finds you well and I hope that succeed in all of your endeavors. If you plan on taking the exam soon I wish you the best of luck!

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