Angi Laframboise Pet Portraits and Art Gifts



Angi Laframboise is a professional artist who specializes in dog cartoons, as well as custom pet portraits drawn or painted from photos, fine art dog breed and animal portraits, and other artwork in various mediums. She has been working professionally since 1995 and sells fine art prints and original art, as well as several gift items featuring her artwork. Her work is collected, displayed in homes, and worn all over the world.





Copyright: Angi Laframboise permanently owns all copyrights and all other rights to her artwork and designs. Some cartoon designs are co-owned with Brian Laframboise. Should you see others selling art or gift items containing art that you recognize as belonging to Angi or Brian Laframboise, please contact the artist directly at so she can investigate and determine whether the seller is offering counterfeit items. Thank you.


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