La Boutique de Bacchus (LBDB)

Who We Are
LBDB is a manufacturer of wine label and wine-related art objects in France, often with exclusive contracts to use the images on our products. In addition, LBDB produces products bearing original artworks, and artworks of world-renown artists.  As a result, we represent the intellectual property interests of numerous wine domaines, winemakers, Chateaux and artists in France and Europe.  The reproduction of copyrighted and/or trademarked protected artworks without permission of the winemaker or artist is prohibited under U.S. and international copyright laws. For further information on LBDB visit our Web site at .


Who We Represent
While not an exhaustive list, our clients include the following:



  • Albert Bichot
  • Bernard Morey et Fils
  • Bertrand Ambroise
  • Bott Frères
  • Bouchard Père et Fils
  • Capitain-Gagnerot
  • Caves des Cordeliers
  • Champagne Ayala
  • Champagne J. Charpentier
  • Champagne Laherte Fréres
  • Champagne Lilbert-Fils  
  • Champagne Marc Hebrart
  • Champagne Marie-Noelle Ledru   
  • Champagne Pierre Peters
  • Champagne Raymond Boulard                   
  • Champagne Tarlant
  • Chanson Pere et Fils
  • Château Ame de Musset                            
  • Château Angelus
  • Château Beauséjour                                    
  • Château Beau-Séjour Bécot
  • Château BelAir
  • Château Brane-Cantenac                                 
  • Château Canon
  • Château Carbonnieux                                  
  • Château Chalain
  • Château Charmant
  • Château Climens                                         
  • Château Clos Fourtet
  • Château Corton André                                
  • Château Couhins-Lurton 
  • Château Cos Labory
  • Château Cruzeau                                         
  • Château d’Arche
  • Château d’Auvernier
  • Châteaux de Cîteaux         
  • Château de la Tour
  • Château de La Tour Vayon                        
  • Château de la Velle
  • Château de Malle                                       
  • Château de Marsannay
  • Château de Meursault                                
  • Château de Monthelie
  • Château de Pommard                     
  • Château des Violines
  • Château Du Tertre                                      
  • Château Dubois Challon
  • Château Figeac                                            
  • Château Filhot
  • Château Giscours                                        
  • Château Haut-Villet
  • Château l’Etoile                                          
  • Château La Gaffelière
  • Château La Galiane
  • Château La Louvière 
  • Château La Tour Blanche                              
  • Château La Tour de By
  • Château Lagrezette                                    
  • Château Lascombes
  • Château Le Chec                                       
  • Château le Crock
  • Château Léoville Poyferré                        
  • Château Léoville-Barton
  • Château Magdelaine                                             
  • Château Maucaillou
  • Château Pavie Macquin                            
  • Château Pichon Longueville
  • Château Prieure-Lichine                          
  • Château Puech Haut

  • Château Rabaud-Promis

  • Château Rieussec                                      
  • Château Rochemorin
  • Château Siran                                            
  • Château Smith Haut Lafitte  
  • Château Tour du Pas St. Georges            
  • Château Trottevieille
  • Château Vannières                                    
  • Château Pontet-Canet                                  
  • Chevalier Brigand
  • Christian Bellang & Fils 
  • Christian Confuron
  • Coche-Bouillot                  
  • Comte Senard  
  • Couley Dutheil
  • Daniel-Etienne Defaix                                     
  • Didier Dagueneau
  • Didier Joris                                                
  • Domaine A. F. Gros
  • Domaine Alain Michelot
  • Domane Alain Montchovet
  • Domaine Amiot Guy et Fils                           
  • Domaine Armand Rousseau
  • Domaine Auzias                                        

  • Domaine Barbaud

  • Domaine Barolet-Pernot
  • Domaine Bernard-Bonin
  • Domaine Bertagna                            
  • Domaine Chandon de Briailles
  • Domaine Charles Allexant et Fils             
  • Domaine Claude Nouveau
  • Domaine Clos du Rouge Gorge                
  • Domaine d’Ardhuy
  • Domaine de Chevalier                               
  • Domaine de Ducourt
  • Domaine de la Bongran                             
  • Domaine de la Chezatte
  • Domaine Michelot
  • Domaine de la Romanee Conti                 
  • Domaine de la Vougeraie
  • Domaine Denis Boussey                           
  • Domaine des Lambrays
  • Domaine du Clos Salomon                         
  • Domaine du Vissoux
  • Domaine Dujac                                          
  • Domaine Dupasquier et Fils
  • Domaine Duroché                                      
  • Domaine Eric Montchovet
  • Domaine Etienne Sauzet                           
  • Domaine Foret
  • Domaine François Lamarche                    
  • Domaine François Parent
  • Domaine Galévan                                      
  • Domaine Georges Mugneret
  • Domaine Gerard Raphet                           
  • Domaine Germain
  • Domaine J & M Simon                              
  • Domaine J.F. Coche-Dury
  • Domaine Jacob                                           
  • Domaine Jean Raphet
  • Domaine Jean-Marie Bouzereau  
  • Domaine Jouard            
  • Domaine Laroche
  • Domaine LeFlaive (Anne Claude)  
  • Domaine Loubet-Dewailly                                 
  • Domaine Matrot
  • Domaine Maume                                       
  • Domaine Meix-Foulot
  • Domaine Méo-Camuzet                            
  • Domaine Michel Dupont-Fahn
  • Domaine Michel Lahaye
  • Domaine Michel Noëllat et Fils               
  • Domaine Michèle et Patrice Rion
  • Domaine Mongeard-Mugneret                
  • Domaine Mugneret-Gibourg
  • Domaine Patrick Clémencet                     
  • Domaine Paul Jacqueson
  • Domaine Pignier
  • Domaine Pinte                                        
  • Domaine Raymond Launay
  • Domaine Rebourgeon-Mure                    
  • Domaine Rémy Boursot
  • Domaine Robert Sirugue  
  • Domaine Rollin Pére et fils                
  • Domaine de la Romanée Conti
  • Domaine Roulot
  • Domaine Schiavetto                                  
  • Domaine Segaut
  • Domaine Serrigny                                     
  • Domaine Taupenot-Merme
  • Domaine Thevenot-Machal                      
  • Domaine Xavier Girardin
  • Dufouleur Pere et Fils                               
  • François Bergeret
  • François Charles & Fils                            
  • Fruitières Viticole
  • Georges DuBeouf                                     
  • Georges Mure
  • Geschickt
  • Guy Amiot et Fils                                                  
  • Henri Boillot
  • Henri Gouges
  • Hospices de Beaune                                 
  • Hospices de Nuits St: Georges
  • Hubert Lamy
  • J. Cacheux & Fils                                     
  • J. Faiveley
  • Jean Chartron
  • Jean-Claude Bouhey & Fils                    
  • Jean-Claude Fontaine
  • Jean-Luc Joillot                                       
  • Jean-Marc Boillot
  • Jean-Philippe Fichet
  • Josmeyer
  • Jouard
  • La Chablisienne                                                  
  • La Pousse d’Or
  • La Rose Pauillac
  • La Source des Fées                                 
  • Lamé Delisle Boucard
  • Loubet-Dewailly
  • Louis Jadot                                              
  • Louis Latour
  • Maison Joseph Drouhin                         
  • Marie-Thérèse Chappaz
  • Mathilde et Yves Gangloff                     
  • Michel Couvreur Whiskies
  • Michel et Marc Rossignol                     
  • Michel Gahier
  • Michel Gros
  • Olivier LeFlaive
  • Patriarche Père et Fils                            
  • Philippe Gavinet
  • Philippe Milan & Fils
  • Philippe LeClerc                              
  • Pierre Amiot et Fils
  • Prieuré ROCH                                        
  • Rapet Père et Fils
  • Reine Pédauque
  • Rocbère                         
  • Sylvain Dussort
  • Violot-Guillemard                                   
  • Wilhelm Kray
  • William Fevre



  • Berthet

  • Zacchi
  • Decheleprete
  • Tanner




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LBDB is a member of the eBay VeRO Program and owns rights to many trademarks and copyrighted materials worldwide in connection with LBDB products. LBDB has the legal responsibility to enforce its trademark and copyright rights. Accordingly, LBDB provides this page to educate eBay users about auctions that infringe the intellectual property rights of LBDB. LBDB and its licensees have the exclusive or semi-exclusive right to use its copyrighted works and trademarks. LBDB’s images are protected under various U.S. and international trademark laws. Anyone who uses LBDB’s images, or the images of LBDB’s licensors, without LBDB’s or the licensors permission, is liable for copyright and/or trademark infringement. Similarly, textual and photographic works produced and published by LBDB or its licensors are protected under U.S. and international copyright laws. Anyone who produces, copies, distributes or displays LBDB’s copyrighted materials, without LBDB’s permission, is liable for copyright infringement. Please note that the manufacture, distribution and/or sale of counterfeit LBDB merchandise are illegal and carry criminal penalties. LBDB has and will continue to pursue those guilty of infringing LBDB’s trademarks and copyrighted materials.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why was my auction terminated?

A: Most likely, your auction was removed from the eBay website because it displayed unauthorized reproductions of copyrighted images owned by LBDB or its licensors or because it offered for sale counterfeit merchandise featuring one of LBDB’s copyrights. LBDB’s IP Department regularly monitors the Internet, including auction sites, in order to protect its intellectual property rights. LBDB notifies eBay of auction listings containing unauthorized uses of LBDB’s copyrights and trademarks and auction listings reasonably believed to offer for sale counterfeit merchandise. eBay then takes the necessary action to comply with its user policies, which include removing the auction from the eBay website.

Q: Why was my auction singled out when there are other auctions on eBay that infringe LBDB’s intellectual property rights?

A: LBDB works diligently to ensure that all unauthorized uses of its intellectual property are removed from the eBay website. Given the high volume of merchandise for sale on eBay, and the frequency of newly added auctions, it is difficult to identify and remove every counterfeit and unauthorized item. Failure of LBDB’s IP Department to act against an infringing auction does not mean that the auction is not in violation of United States and international laws.

Q: I scanned an image of LBDB’s merchandise from LBDB’s website and pasted the image onto my eBay auction. Is this permissible?


A: No. Any unauthorized reproduction, display or distribution of LBDB’s copyrighted images is illegal.


Q: If I purchased an authentic item of LBDB merchandise, can I re-sell the item on eBay?


A: Yes. It is legal to re-sell a genuine item that you purchased, in its original, unaltered form. Nevertheless, it is impermissible to use LBDB’s copyrighted images to promote the sale of the item. In addition, you cannot use LBDB’s trademarks and logos to make your auction more appealing. You are prohibited from producing an unauthorized copy of the legitimate merchandise and offering it for sale.


Q: Can I list an item if I expressly say that it is “NOT GENUINE,” “FAKE,” or a “KNOCK OFF”?


A: No. A disclaimer regarding the authenticity of goods does not relieve a seller from liability for the manufacture, distribution and/or sale of unlicensed, counterfeit goods. Such activity is criminal and may subject you to the payment of monetary fines and imprisonment.


Q: Can I use LBDB’s logo or other logos or properties owned by LBDB’s to make my auction listing more appealing?


A: No. Use of these LBDB’s logos or other intellectual properties wrongfully implies that your auction is authorized, sponsored, or approved by LBDB, and dilutes the value of these logos in violation of state and federal trademark laws.


Q: Can I use LBDB’s logo or other logos or properties licensed to LBDB to create homemade products such as clothing apparel or home furnishings?


A: No. Only LBDB and its licensees may use LBDB’s trademarks and copyrighted material in connection with the manufacture, offer for sale, and/or sale of goods or services. Therefore, any sale and/or offer for sale of such homemade products are illegal.


Q: What if I did not realize that I was infringing LBDB’s intellectual property rights?


A: Lack of intent will not relieve an infringer from liability under United States copyright or trademark laws. You have a responsibility to ensure that your actions do not violate someone else’s intellectual property rights. Before commencing an eBay auction, you must take affirmative steps to ensure that your auction does not violate the rights of any copyright or trademark owner.


Q: How can I determine whether an item for sale on eBay is authentic LBDB merchandise?


A: Contact LBDB at


Q: Can LBDB verify the authenticity claims of merchandise for sale on eBay?


A: LBDB cannot guarantee the authenticity of any items for sale on eBay. Similarly, LBDB cannot compensate a dissatisfied buyer who purchased counterfeit merchandise from an eBay seller who made false claims of authenticity, nor can LBDB replace the counterfeit merchandise with genuine merchandise. If you believe that an eBay member is selling counterfeit LBDB merchandise, you may send an email to identifying the eBay seller ID and/or the auction number in question for LBDB's review.


Q: How do I communicate with LBDB’s VeRO representative?


A: Because of the amount of spam we receive (literally thousands for every one legitimate inquiry), it is best that you type in the subject line of your email “LBDB VeRO.” Doing such will ensure a quick and timely response from our representatives. Due to the amount of incoming spam, emails that do not include a subject header will not be read. Further, when replying to our email, it is necessary that you include the original thread so that we can track the issue. Emails that don’t include the thread will not be replied to, because it’s virtually impossible to maintain hundreds of email conversations without the benefit of the context that the thread supplies.


Additionally, please remember to include your eBay username in any correspondence - without this information we won't be able to answer your questions because once an auction is cancelled it is no longer viewable.

If you have further questions, please email with your questions.